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  1. LOPHSalot90

    My first flower!

    Own root and fifteen years old
  2. LOPHSalot90

    My first flower!

    Thank you! Giving to me by a friend of mine
  3. Just shipped to me today. Is there any way to fix the shape and fatten it out or should i take a knife to it?
  4. LOPHSalot90

    beware of verne

    Wow. Wish we could do something.. *shaking my head*
  5. LOPHSalot90

    beware of verne

  6. LOPHSalot90

    beware of verne

    I would post a pic of it but incontrovertible know how from my phone lol. It's beautiful. But now what it was advertised as :/ I plan on leaving him a negative rating. People suck sometimes... Live and learn I guess
  7. LOPHSalot90

    beware of verne

    Was sold a "t.Peruvianus" by an eBay seller for a pretty high price. Only to find that it was a cuzcoensis.. don't make the mistake I did
  8. LOPHSalot90

    loph flower question

    Any tips on how to encourage a loph to flower? Thanks everyone
  9. LOPHSalot90

    loph help please!!!

    Thanks guys
  10. LOPHSalot90

    loph help please!!!

    Hello everyone this is my first post! Suppose I got a lophophora williamssi plant from a friend. 15 years old and has not been watered since September. When should it first be watered? Only have experience with tricocereus. central nj