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  1. When i received this loph it was small standard looking L W . I beleive it has grown up instead of out due to not reveiving enough light on my window sil . I have now had it out in part shade for a few days and staring to red.Tinking either back to the window sil or try my greenhouse. Has anyone experienced this kind of growth with a loph? I have not seen any pictures anywhere that is similar.. Any help or comments welcome : )
  2. Fool

    Strange Loph W growth

    Thanks for the advice guys Long time reader,lurker.. Will post more pics of my cacti and plants soon. Peace
  3. Fool

    Strange Loph W growth

    That sounds like a good idea convergence. I have a blue torch i can graft on to. Just cautious because i am a virgin grafter ha. But if its not going to return to normal shape I guess I have nothing to lose. Do you think best grafting stock would be a trich or a blue torch?
  4. Fool

    Strange Loph W growth

    Thanks Berengar Googled that and yeah there are some trippy etoilated lophs and other cactus out there. Although not ideal some look kinda cool. Will try my little fella in my greenhouse with varying light to see how it settles down : )
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    Hi Rahli, I am very interested in some of your vine and leaf. If you could email me at : [email protected] Would be very grateful Cheers