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    Noob's cacti

    @Ethnoob think your looking the other moonunit @MoonUnitBotanica, some beautiful specimens there indeed, ha ha
  11. moon_unit

    Ma Huang seed MEGA Pack

    I'd be very keen to grow some, but would probably only be looking 20 seeds of each variety, if you'd consider dividing them up into smaller packs shoot me a PM and let me know how much you want for them, :-) Cheers MU
  12. moon_unit

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Ohh thanks @Mango for the generous offer, I’d be very keen to give em a go, I’ll pm you, cheers MU
  13. moon_unit

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Sorry I wasn't really clear, I give them the hot water treatment prior to sowing, but have also had good results without any treatment, I find they can often take a while to germinate, I'm finding seeds I sowed in early Spring that are only starting to germinate now, how are you fixed for d.gangeticum seeds? I can send some your way next time i get seeds, good luck :-)
  14. moon_unit

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    They seeds look similar to that of desmodium gangeticum, with those I break open the outer husk/seed pod with my finger nails & surface sow, and give em the hot water treatment with an overnight soak to allow them to absorb water, sprinkle a tiny amount of soil on top and keep moist, looking forward to obtaining seeds for phyllodium when they become available, keep me on the loop, good luck with germination, :-) MU
  15. moon_unit

    Seeds for sale

  16. moon_unit

    Pudica for Chilli seeds

    Ohh wow id love a trade if you still have em? I can send you red rocoto chilli seeds & orange rocoto seeds if your interested? Can even throw in another pack of seeds (your choice) from my list of seeds for sale in the ''sales thread' pm me if your keen, Cheers MU
  17. @TheMooseZeus id be keen for a print when you have one available :-) can do cash or trades :-) @Scarecrow good luck with your search, I've just recently learned of the health benefits of these little gems & plan to cultivate a few myself, if I'm successful in finding spores/cultures I'll let you know, Kind regards MU
  18. moon_unit

    Tabernaemontana Seeds

    Nice collection
  19. moon_unit

    Red Indo Krat Getting Purple

    Wow stunning :-)
  20. moon_unit

    Black henbane

    Looking for black henbane seeds, can trade seeds or $, cheers
  21. moon_unit

    Seeds for sale

    Ahhh cool, thanks PH I'm pretty terrible with internet stuff, ha ha
  22. moon_unit

    Seeds for sale

    Hi sorry but shipping is within aus only, I should have specified, I'm not sure how I would go about obtaining export permits etc and would no doubt be costly, hopefully you have success in obtaining seeds locally, ;-) @Katyrrell
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    Salvia species?
  24. moon_unit

    Meet up: Perth

    Looking forward to seeing a few faces at the meet, gardens looking rather bare after winter but I've manages to find a few things for the giveaway, datura hybrid Sunopener Silene capensis Calea zacatechichi A couple of small catha suckers Damiana Small ashwaghanda Feverfew Coleus forskohlii Salvia madrensis Leonotis nepetifolia Fine leaf jam wattle Sambung Amazon mint Psychotria carth & a few packs of seeds Looking forward to it, & thanks for organising these events Gimli @Gimli
  25. moon_unit

    Happy Wattle Day!

    Seeds arrived thanks heaps for your generosity, :-)