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  1. 5is

    Trichocereus seed giveaway :)

    Just arrived :D thanks man, going to sow them soon
  2. What species is bap effective on?
  3. 5is

    Trichocereus seed giveaway :)

    Thanks so much man! i look forward to it! i'm sowing them once they're here
  4. Please pm me, looking for all types and varieties
  5. Crab spider (Xysticus sp.) on my Lophophora Williamsii sun bathing in that 80 degree spring sun
  6. 5is

    The Sowing Out Thread

    What's everyone got going on?
  7. 5is

    Trichocereus seed giveaway :)

    hiya thanks so much
  8. 5is

    Trichocereus hybrid seed contest

    I've heard oscar the grouch, goofy boots, and alaskan dog fuck for weed XD
  9. 5is

    Nitrogen seed

    Is there anyone out there with some nitrogen seed?
  10. 5is

    Any US tricho collectors want to trade?

    I would definitely appreciate a US trade thread , i get all excited when i see a cool offer on here then I see it's Aussie only :c
  11. Thanks guys, I'm looking for Cuttings and seedlings mainly so please people PM me or post here!
  12. I'm looking to buy Trichocereus seeds/seedlings/cuttings of all species, please let me know
  13. 5is

    Great to be here :D

    hahaha already starting to like this community.
  14. 5is

    Great to be here :D

    Thanks very much for the welcoming