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  1. Well this is my very first post on the Corroboree. I've been lurking for a while now and finally decided to make a post and add something to the community. This is an experiment I tried some months back and it seems to have been successfull. I was inspired by White Rastas post a while back about a small Loph. grafted to and areole. Here is the graft after taking it out of the humidity dome around the end of August - Here are some side views of the graft about two months later in October - Here is a view of the front, again from the end of October - Here is another shot that shows the front and the side from the same time period - I will take some update pictures in a day or two to show the progress of the graft as of now. It(the loph.) lost a few tiny tufts from it's areoles a few weeks ago when I was "petting" it. I didn't damage it really. It certainly doesn't grow as fast as the Lophophoras I've seen on Pereskiopsis, but it was just an expiriment. The growth rate seems to be one new areole a week. I also hollowed out the top growth shoot of the Myrtillocactus so that more energy would be directed towards the graft, and it seems to have helped a little. I'm wondering if i should remove the other areoles so the Myrtillocactus doesn't pup. What do you guys and girls think? It's currently receiving full sun in a window sill, and seems to be enjoying it. Also I've given it some Ironite for fertilizer. I plan to document my cacti growing trials and tribulations with you all, and thank you White Rasta for inspiring me .