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  1. TrailBlazer

    Possible Australian Psychotria.spp

    Well got off my arse and went for a walk back. This is what I seen. No flower shots they had all fallen off. But the flowers are identical to P.V without the green just all white and a bit larger. Its a very remote location and might not even be known yet. Stipule and flower buds emerging.
  2. Hi mate, I have commercial and a couple of wild amazonian types. I really don't think you will be able to grow it down there hey. but shoot me a pm and let me know what you are after. If i recall right you are probably after the leaves for cancer treatment. I can probably send you some leaves and I have some smaller plants that can be posted. I do grafted ones from time to time but none at present. I will have fruits available in a coupla months, They are flowering right now. Cheers.
  3. TrailBlazer

    Cola nitida

    I have only seen it a couple of times and it had no seed but I was might of been there out of season EF. It is a large tree so it would have to flower. I will go back and check it out some time hey. I seen seeds in bags a couple of times at the markets along side with the betel so must get around a bit.
  4. TrailBlazer

    Cola nitida

    Theres one about 30ft tall growing in the Cairns region. Nice big tree it is.
  5. TrailBlazer

    Betel bulk

    I have got a few 20yo ones growing well and fruiting heaps, But I don't get into the betel's but the rats do lol Plenty of the for sale at the cairns markets and as they say fresh is best.
  6. TrailBlazer

    Smoking Nicotinia rustica

    Good one scarecrow, Went well with the morning coffee and nicco fix. lol
  7. Frosts my friend are going to be the limiting factor! Coconuts and Cacao - no Jackfruit - possibly. nanas, guava and citrus yes. If you are really into true tropical fruits mate up north is the place to be hey. Cheers
  8. TrailBlazer

    Possible Australian Psychotria.spp

    Yea when the rain backs off I will head back and gather better photos and data! Will update this thread then hey If there is any interest in any of the other native Psychotria.spp I can do a seed collecting trek in the future for some of the other species I mentioned. Cheers
  9. TrailBlazer

    Possible Australian Psychotria.spp

    Stipule is present on the bottom node if you look closely. I know the shot's and material isn't the best but new photo's will sort that out soon hey. The color of the fruit is throwing out most of the native ones, Most are white and red. Its possible I pulled the fruit from the wrong plant in my haste. These things happen sometimes hey! I am aware and have come across several other native Psychotria.spp in this region before Endorfinder. Psychotria submontana Psychotria coelospermum Psychotria dallachiana Psychotria loniceroides Psychotria poliostemma Psychotria nesophila Psychotria fitzalanii To name a few...
  10. TrailBlazer

    Grafting Eggplant onto Devil Plant

    Torsten is right! Take bloody great care in what rootstock you choose from this family hey! I have been using Solanum torvum for many years now with great success. Eggplants, tomato, chilli, capsicum all cleft graft well to Solanum torvum and its safe to eat. The best part is the plants live for years, Can't comment on how it performs in colder climates. Its also called the thai pea eggplant, If you want some seeds give us a yell.
  11. Heres what I think is a Psychotria.spp discovered treking today in upland rainforest at around 500m elevation. Sorry for the bad photos, The state of the material was not the best by the time I returned home hey. It was raining so I left the camera at home but will return soon to take better photo's and more fruits. Flowers are pure white when not picked. This plant has a very close resemblance to the Ecuador Psychotria viridis "Amiruca" or what some call the common Psychotria viridis. The turquoise fruits are throwing me off. Only one fruit at the time and it was a little damaged but shit happens. P.V is on the right: P.V is on the right: Flowers are white when fresh
  12. TrailBlazer

    Getting Voacanga africana to set seed

    No muskrat, Alice caught on to the wiff. The flowers smell much more late at night. After observing mine over the last year I would say yes, It does have invasive potential should ideal conditions be a factor. Suckers are easily removed with a quick Chuck Norris style kick to the balls! But if you plant it with not much room I can see them being a PITA. When its not raining I will take a photo to show you the suckers and how they can spread hey. Cheers.
  13. TrailBlazer

    Getting Voacanga africana to set seed

    I had the same experience mate, It will set seed when it's ready hey. When mine got to about 3m tall it started setting seeds. But had many a season with lots of flowers and no seeds. They don't always set seed for some reason. Hows the smell of the flowers mate? hahaha ;) If you have a large tree you can get them to go sucker mad by taking a shovel and cutting about 1m away from the tree trunk on some of the surface roots the same way guava's can be propagated. The root systems are massive and I have had suckers come up 4m away from the main base. Cool hey? Normal cuttings methods work without a drama to hey. I dig the look of this tree when its older and makes a great place for orchids, Broms and Pitcher plants because of the V shape branches and nice shade canopy.
  14. When you finish in the shit house and the dunny paper is depleted. Refill that fucker please!
  15. TrailBlazer

    Smoking Nicotinia rustica

    Why not just blaze a few fat cuban's? That will sort out the niccobeast within. No bum puffing shit just huge triple drags held in for half a minute at a time! IMO anything commercial non organic tastes shit house. Give me Organic manitou with unbleached hemp papers and cotton filters any day! But hey each to their own ;)