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  1. Hey just wondering if any of the Perth crew have seen or herd from cisumevil lately? I used to be in weekly contact with him but he seems to have disappeared a few months ago.. pm me if anyone knows whats up, Cheering. Sorry to interfere with your meet thread :)

  2. Indica dominant strains of Cannabis can be helpful for some people's anxiety issues. Sativa dominant strains, or even worse the Diesel strains, tend to be the ones causing anxiety in most people. Some people like them though.

    Too true. Original Sour D produced the worst anxiety ever! And i mean ever!! I ended up calling it "The Evil". Indi good, hazes almost as bad as sourD.

    Yep Kava although high does can also be a bit weird.

    Cali poppy or scullcap tea with a bit of passionflower are also great calmatives.

  3. Pot addiction is not a real physical addiction and if you think it is your lying to yourself and only making it worse.

    Its all in your head including the physical effects, your brain will try all sorts of tricks to get what it wants but ultimately you have the control!

    Once you realize this the only trouble you will have quitting is your mental strength and the crazy dreams.

    Exactly. In fact im pretty tired of people blaming pot for this, that or the other. If it effects you in the wrong or not nice way. Stop smoking!! Those that continue to run the gauntlet deserve the problems they encounter, mental or physical. FFS, if your body or mind is not reacting well to it, STOP! If you cant stop by yourself go see a therapist or hypno. NO drugs should be substituted at all costs. This teache you or your mind nothing about having to deal with coming down.

    I smoked for 15years, all day every day. I didnt get de-motivated ever, never a couch potato, it was a positive influence until other factors changed its effects on me. Once i knew this i stopped. Simple. Cold turkey. No supplements, not nothing. Just walking and water. Everyone is different but to blame a substance is futile. Its your brain thats causing the problem, and the sooner you realize this the better.

    Yeah i had to put up with taking 2 hours or more to fall asleep, for a year almost, but what do you expect when every night was capped off with a spliff or two for the last 15 years? I still love the plant, and am happy to purport its pros and cons, nothing has changed. Each strain is different and you cant just compare pot with pot. I am /was a pot connoisseur. Laugh if you want, but there is no way you can compare two strains/landraces from each end of the spectrum. They are far too different in effects.

    Smoke free for almost 2 years now. No prob, easy as. Happy to sit with smokers, happy to roll for anyone, but i just wont partake.

    If your a casual user, and not encountering any problems, dont worry, no need to stop or think you have to. You will know when its time to stop, your mind and surroundings will notify you. You just better bloody listen when it happens and take heed.

    BTW, I only ever smoked pipes or spliffs, neat. Never bongs, its just seems such a dirty, yucky, disrespectful and forced way to ingest such a nice plant.

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  4. Lucky we still have Baz (Dj Debris) from the Hoods. On Saturday night he was in a pretty hardcore car accident. He and 3 other mates were stationary in Baz's car and they got slammed into by a speeding drunk driver while waiting at an intersection. Baz pretty much took most of the hit, broken ankle and other minor injuries. Lucky they were in his big ass Chrysler not some tiny shitbox cause things could have turned out pretty bad... Everyone else was pretty much ok, not sure about the pissed driver that hit them tho!

    Long live Aussie hip hop!!

  5. I pushed really hard for that deal, your right, they dont make too much, but usually the 10% rule applies, less 10% and thats what you should get it for, leads be to believe the make around 20% on markup or around that. Each car is differnt tho, depending on imports, new models coming, stock on hand or facelift models on the way etc etc The more expensive the car, the more you can haggle, ie new landcruiser, youve got almost 10k to play on. They will do the ol "i have to check with my manager" garb, let em play, tell them youll buy today like Sly said. Sounds like Sly is on the ball for sure! :)

    My mate has a jetta and loves the thing. He got the turbo model. Nothin but praise.

  6. I agree with Sly on the hit em hard approach. I pushed for 5k less than what they wanted, ended up getting it for 3.5 almost 4k cheaper. Play the game, and play it hard. Its not in my nature to bargain, but screw em, they are making plenty on each car. Its a good quick way to learn your limits :)

  7. Ive got a 09 Corolla. Nice, not heaps of balls but you can rev the ring outta it, still a quick little car (actually not that small with surprising amount of cabin space), and handles really well. Would be a good option. I also looked at the Mazda 3, but didnt like the new nose on it, it looks like a huge bloody smiley face!!

    Pic of my rolla.... done plenty of work to it so far...


    Im also one for the Honda Accord Euro, slick, bloody neat car, with a neater interior than the Corolla. The softness of the plastic in the interior of the Corolla is the only thing im not happy with... nothing a bit of leather or alcantra cant fix tho.

    Mazda 6 MPS is also killer. But is that around 40k?

    You could also look at the Mazda 3 MPS

    - i just cant get over how sh*t the front end looks tho... why oh why did they ruin such nice styling with that front end??

    Oh, and if you get a black car, expect to be cleaning it twice a week with monthly polishing and 2-3 monthly clay bar work to keep it schmick. LOTS of work.

  8. Heya all.

    Well this arvo i noticed that the Bruce flower had aborted. Spewin! Ah well, maybe next time. I hope some bird didnt decide to sit on it or something, cause i cant remember if they normally drop quite this early. Im disappointed as you can imagine, but im happy to be able to view and inhale the sweet perfume for the first time...


    I dont have any photos of the M&D flowers sorry, maybe someone else here can may have taken some pics.. Ill ask around.

  9. kickarse BD, that's a purdy flower.

    Do you think the nutrient deficiency had a fairly strong influence on the colour of the outer waxy bracts of the flower?

    It looks much lighter than Psycho0 which from my experience has had a more pronounced dark red/purple/black dominant colour.

    It may be nutrient as the bruce flower highly compliments the stock colour in the photo; i'd love to see it in full health and flowering, looking forward to it :worship:

    Do you think he might smell a little different from your other bridge experiences? the sweet citrus hit it smack on, but any subtle differences you reckon?

    thanks for sharing, good luck with the X's.

    Nute deficiency could cause some colour difference. I have never really let Bruce go this far without food.. or water. Im even scared to pump him full of water in case that causes him to drop the fruit. Its tough to see your fave cactus looking so sickly.. but it may be for the better. I have no idea if this is why he decided to flower this year, or if it was climatic conditions.

    The flower fully closed today, spewing. Normally for me they stay semi closed for the next day and usually have one more night in full bloom. Looks like this bridgesii may only be a one nighter. So, today i got fresh M&D pollen, and forced open the tight flower, and impregnated the flower. Hopefully this works! fingers crossed!! so nervous!!

    I honestly haven't smelled any other bridge flowers, so cant really say. To me it was like jasmine, blood orange flowers and some other soo sweeeet smell. Divine.

    Thanks everyone, im proud to be able to show the pics to you all,

    Strangey, Enjoy your floral spectacular tonight.. inhale deeply my friend! :)

  10. Hey hey.

    I updated the Oz clone thread this morning with an unopened Bruce flower.


    My little crazy dog was barking like mad tonight, so i wen tout to see what was up. I found my little mate barking at Bruce!! I could smell the sweet slight citrus aroma as i got near...

    Look at the lovely show...




    I have collected pollen, apparently M&D is open tonight, such perfect timing, hopefully they both are still receptive tomorrow night!



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  11. Well after neglecting Bruce for the last year (hoping to induce flower) looks like i have been lucky. Although i think the weird rain early on this summer may have more to do with it, amlst all bridgesii that have never flowered before have decided to this season M&D a friend had decided to, and now Bruce. Poor Bruce hasnt been fed or watered at all this dam hot summer, He is a yuky lime colour, and now showing signs of de-hydration. When i saw the first sign of a flower bud i held back on everything. It took soo soo long for the bud to form, then yesterday i noticed this:



    Awesome huh? :D Ill collect some pollen as well as try to make a hybrid x between M&D and Bruce. Should be a lovely X if all thing go well.

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  12. Ok, Both SB and I collected Bruce from the same location, I dont think SB had named it, after we had a chat re collection point, we realized it was the same. It was then clear that bruce and SB's cut were one in the same.

    Your spot on PD, i think soil/nutrient or viral infection is probably the cause of the monstrose effects. Although, my biggie is neglected in a pot and hasnt shown any signs, nor has the cut int he ground.

    Soil composition/viral infection is the only thing i can put it down to.

    Either way, its a bloody nice, fat, fast bridgesii!


  13. Well i collected Bruce in the Riverlands, and "apparently" Rev had/has the same cut. He called it melt. If you look at the Bruce mother plant, there is no melt whatsoever, on old or regrowth. Its possible he may have driven out that way once but im not sure. Still doesnt explain the melt Vs huge difference in diameter Bruce is by far the fattest of any bridge i have in my collection, with no melt/morphing. More like a big scop in diameter. I must say tho, "competition" and wanting to be "one up" on people can make some weird things happen, if you know what i mean. I do have a limb of Bruce waiting to be cut up, might offer it in chucks soon too. Time do do some cuttin... :)

    Hope that clears things up.

  14. I still maintain "melted wax" is not bruce. It seems more like Kai.

    I coined the name "Bruce" from my collection point, and i have never seen any morphing, rib distortion at all, ever.

    I do have a ten year old Bunnings bridgesii that is very similar to Kai and the melt. Constantly morphing dropping ribs or melting. Nothing like the robust fatness of Bruce.

  15. Just saw it today in 3D. Its my first 3D movie i have ever seen. I loved it. Its so fresh, the plant life was bloody amazing, the creatures were spectacular. The plot was well constructed, with a few heart wrenching moments, some "typical" yank moments that were over ridden by the indian/african feel of the movie. I can honestly say it was a milestone movie for me. I watched it with my folks, dads in his mid 70's and mums in her early 60's. While watching, i often thought to myself, wow, i wonder how dad is reacting to this? From seeing old gold on black and white, to this full blown crazy coloured 3D extravaganza. He absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed it! Dad then proceeded to tell me he saw one of the first 3D "trial" movies back in Germany when he was a kid. Mum was blown away by it too.

    Avatar for me, was a huge jump in CGI quality and visual appeal. The feel of the plant life and animals was well thought out, plenty of trippers on that CGI team i tell ya :)

    I wasnt particularly looking out for any drug refs, except one group of plants did look like over sized papavers. Im sure ill watch it again and check things out more and more.

    I didnt find it painfully long, and i am normally prone to a sore knee and dead arse cheeks from most movies over 2 hours...

    Overall, breathtaking.