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  1. No problem planthelper go ahead and thanks for the advice and the diagram. I had a good look at it the other day and it looks as though the seedcoat should come off by itself in a little while as i can see the seedcoat splitting slightly already so all going good i won't have to get out my surgeon gloves lol
  2. I'm pretty confident it should drop its seed coat as I nicked all the seeds before sowing, thanks for the advice I really hope i can get it past this stage and to a beautiful mature plant
  3. Awesome as, was wondering what to expect from my grafts once they start putting on growth.
  4. Thats pretty cool how much difference grafting can do, ive had a try at grafting a few of my lophs and so far 2 have taken and one looks like it's half on half off. How many buttons ended growing of the grafted loph if you don't mind me asking?
  5. and also the seeds were planted the 15th of last month so it took about 33 days for the first seed to germinate
  6. newageshaman

    Law changes in NSW

    Wow i always envied nsw for there laws regarding cacti now it seems that there going the same way as the rest of Australia. It really is disgusting the way that they can basically make most if not all cacti somewhat illegal. I mean whose ever heard of someone trying to get psychoactive effects from a prickly pear? Australian Government you disgust me, especially when you make so readily available such addictive drugs as tobacco and alcohol. Not to mention how easy it is to get prescription drugs. Maybe work on fixing our current drug problems that actual effect a good majority of our population.
  7. Just wondeing about what size a loph should be before you can graft it relatively easy to a trich? i have just bought one that has arrived and the main pup is 2cm in diameter and the other pups are about 1 cm or smaller and i was thinking of grafting some of the littler pups to my trichs? or should i let them grow a bit bigger before attempting to graft? any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  8. newageshaman

    Cactus + Succulent Database Software - ebay

    personally i don't think it seems that great especially for $27. I use a book i got from the newsagency for a couple bucks to record my cacti's growth and thats been easy enough.
  9. newageshaman

    work find

    yeah mate columnar cacti are piss easy to get to root, i would personally take those two pups from the top of the big column and plant those too. After they strike it shouldn't take to much for them to heal up and start throwing more pups
  10. newageshaman

    Cube Problem

    on a similar note who's keen for the cube season to start? i know i am and im planning a trek to the my local cube hotspot this weekend to see if we're going to have an early season this year fingers crossed
  11. newageshaman

    Cube Problem

    dude serious i live in the widebay bundaberg area and i shit you not as soon as it starts raining during summer there are a fuck load of the bastards popping up everywhere. Have a good look man chances are if theres cows theres cubes
  12. holy cow there's some diversity here which is pretty awesome in my opinion guess ill put my 2 cents in then. To start off i was born in a catholic family who weren't to bad just expected you to be honest and basically treat people as you like to be treated. Then we moved out of our country town to a much bigger town and i was enrolled in a catholic school and began absolutely hating the whole religion so out of annoyance rather than any other reason i started saying i was a satanist (just the way to pass religious education ) and i even went as far as buying a satanic bible to "seal the deal" lol. After that i got over satanism and started reading some new age books on witchcraft and paganism (specifically wicca) which sort of annoyed me cause at that stage i was trying to get away from all these religions with rules on how to act. Which brings us too now, were im happy to learn about any religion (even my least favorite Christianity) and take the good points out of it and just apply those to my everyday life without feeling the need to say im a christian or im a pagan blah blah
  13. newageshaman

    Experiemental Aizoaceae bioassays anyone?

    Hey mate i would be keen as to help with bioassaying if you still need some more people
  14. newageshaman

    Help growing T.Iboga from seed

    very true and heres hoping i can get a few of them to germ
  15. newageshaman

    Help growing T.Iboga from seed

    I've just recently bought a iboga seed pod from SAB and was wondering what tips or tricks people may have for propagating these beautiful trees? I'm planning on using a soil mix of 1/3 course sand 1/3 cacti soil and 1/3 seedling soil, anything wrong with this or suggestions? Thanks in advance
  16. newageshaman

    Help growing T.Iboga from seed

    yeah i can see that i will definitely use it alot more often now thanks again haha how did you know i was scared?
  17. newageshaman

    Help growing T.Iboga from seed

    Thanks and sorry :/ haha the perks of being lazy I guess
  18. newageshaman

    mermaids NSFW - NOT SAFE FOR WORK

    holy shit hahaha now thats fucked up
  19. Thanks very much planthelper i will be sure to try it with some of my smaller trichs and all going well and they take i will upload a photo of the successful grafts
  20. also there are 8 of these 1 cm or smaller pups so it shouldn't be to heart breaking if i lost one or two .
  21. newageshaman

    essential oil questions

    I was under the impression from what i read that the essential oil of nutmeg was a lot less toxic than if you were to ingest whole nutmeg for similar purposes?
  22. newageshaman

    essential oil questions

    I've tried nutmeg essential oil once about 1ml in my coffee, didn't really get any effects except a bit of a different headspace. I read on one of 69rons posts that its best if mixed in german chamomile teas to get intense psychedellic effets but i have not tried since my first experiment with it in coffee although now you've sparked my interest again so i may just buy some tea and oil and give it a try
  23. newageshaman

    Found two little monsters

    lucky you mate congrats with the two baby monsters, and is that columnar also a bridgesii or a peruvianus?
  24. newageshaman

    Psilocybe in Qld winter?

    Arrr just looked up pan cyans and relished how often I see these near cubes yet never took much notice of them hahaha Ohwell theres always next year
  25. newageshaman

    Psilocybe in Qld winter?

    went out fishing last night and crossed through a favorite cow paddock of mine seems to still be a couple of cubes hanging around