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  1. thistime

    peganum harmala

    Hi all, thought i'd have a shot at propagating p harmala so if anyone can assist with some spare seed in exchange for $ would be much appreciated :-) Take it ezy
  2. thistime

    Trichocereus.net Logo Poll

    That's gonna crack me up all day
  3. thistime

    luffa seed

    Hello. After the grab from the few people I know I still have a hundred or so seeds left if anyone's interested. Free post in aus so either the lot or min of 25 just to keep it cheap for me, but always up for a swap. Take it ezy ALL GONE thanx guys
  4. thistime

    $250au giveaway..................DECIDED

    I wont be entering since i'm not cool but have to say I love your thing pimento :-)
  5. Hi all, hope everyone is well and hope I'm posting in the right place. My 1st attempt, brf colonized beautifuly. bulked to hpoo ( made the mistake of casing about 2 inch at spawning instead of letting bulk colonize first. also may have sterilised instead of pasturised, found it hard to keep the temp low ) and getting nice rhizo coming through but also threads as in pics. I sprayed with 3% h2o2 but came back after a day or so then I applied salt but still came back in other places. I got curious and shifted 2 trays outside to see if that would stop it and it didn't also lifted the surface and the threads seem to be right through the hpoo. It seems less dense than pics I've seen of cobweb types and trych and I haven't noticed any pins or sporulating ( maybe bacteria? ) ( it's been about 2 weeks ). Any ideas? Too wet? Also no fruit but a few knots showing. Thanx
  6. thistime

    dreaded noob question, contam or weak myc?

    Hey Zen, I've read a lot that coir is spose to be great. It might be a bit ambitious of me but I think i'll try as many teks as possible. Fortunately the prints I have are seriously dark so I will be able to do a lot of cakes. I should prolly have started with fruiting straight from cakes but it was too tempting to go for the big job :-)
  7. thistime

    dreaded noob question, contam or weak myc?

    Thank you so much sally. Nicely written out too, I actually understood all of it. Round 2 is coming up in a weekish so I'll be trying that for sure :-) I'm also sure I have to tidy up a lot of my procedure but the casing with hpoo while spawning was a silly excited noob mistake. Live n learn :-) Thanx again
  8. thistime

    dreaded noob question, contam or weak myc?

    Thanx Sally. yeah, I guess that's why the knots are doing nothing. Any idea what or how ( I know, but gotta ask ) my feeling is I messed up by smothering it with a " casing " when I spawned to bulk. When I took a tray outside and broke it up, the colonised layer looked and smelled nice but the " casing " was riddled with those threads. Thanx
  9. Hello, hope this thread isn't too old but found it while searching for similar issues. Friend in NSW is trying to make a c/card purchase at sab webstore without creating a paypal acc ( order info says there is alternate cc option ) but keeps getting directed to paypal server. Any advice appreciated Thanx Easily confused
  10. thistime

    Free Seed Giveaway - Free Post

    Arrived today, thanx. and with bubble wrap! fuck yeah!
  11. thistime

    Free Seed Giveaway - Free Post

    Thanx and pm'd :-)
  12. thistime

    curry leaf seed giveaway

    Hey, my first lil giveaway. I saw these were popular in another post, not much but a start. 5 packs of 5 seeds, picked when black and mushy a few weeks back and now dried up like nutty scented roo poo. Pm ady if interested and leave post here so others know the count
  13. thistime

    Free Seed Giveaway - Free Post

    My girlfriend says I'm great in bed
  14. thistime

    Cubensis pack giveaway for 2 words :)

    Well, if we can post more than once Scrumdiddlyumptious and Everlastinggobstopper
  15. thistime

    Cubensis pack giveaway for 2 words :)

    flesh frigate and tuna town
  16. thistime

    How resilient are young lophs?

    Good luck mate, I just lost most of my 1 year old lophs ( 25th dec of all days ). Half a day in the perth sun and they went very pale then about 10 or so days later ( I placed them in the shade ) and the worst hit turned to jelly. oh well, live and learn. The survivors are kinda burnt in half semi circle style but seem to be hanging in there.
  17. thistime

    Synth seeds

    I saw the process on a doco years ago, they showed small tissue cultured individuals been dropped in a solution that coated the embryo like a testa. I found this on a new Zealand forestry website http://www.insights.co.nz/sustainable_plantations_stf.aspx Another propagation technology which is being developed is somatic embryogenesis – the formation of multiple embryos in culture. Embryogenic cell lines are established from immature seed, and millions of immature embryos of individual genotypes can be multiplied from each seed. These embryos are developed and matured under controlled laboratory conditions and then can be germinated like natural seeds. The efficiency of this process is still low, but the technology has the potential to produce unlimited quantities of embryos of desirable genotypes at costs cheaper than current control-pollinated seed prices
  18. thistime

    moon seed give away

    Thanx mate, arrived yesterday :-)
  19. thistime

    moon seed give away

    Thank you and pm'd. Another reason this site rox :-)
  20. Hi, hoping anyone in w.a. has some viridis leaves i can use for prop. Had a few goes with viridis and alba seeds but theyre still sitting there, over 6 months now :-( a pm would be nice. thanx
  21. thistime

    moon seed give away

    I like that i've had valid advice, thats a rare and beautiful thing
  22. @ Got, Thank you. I suspected pach or similar might be best, i just felt more comfortable risking a hylo. @ andy, really? that sounds cool :-) i'll have to try and find out if best to leave root on or cut it off. I'll be trying both your sugestions once it warms up a bit. Take it ezy
  23. thistime

    w.a. p. viridis cuttings please

    Thanx guys, ive heard they can take a while as well. my main concern was viability because im not sure how old they were. Ive also tried scarification with some. fingers still crossed :-)
  24. thistime

    Nexus scale infestation

    Thanx I shall, still feel like a lurker though. Trepidation makes for awkward posts :-) I guess the foveolae arent an issue then.