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  1. I have my San pedro up for grabs.   95cm Tall in Pot   Pics will explain more   Any offers considered must move interstate and can't take!   haynzey82@gmail.com[attachment=57750:DSC_0072.JPG][attachment=57751:DSC_0073.JPG]
  2. Hi all I have recently lost all my "babies" due to a fire gutting my property. I am hoping people here might be able to help me restore my collection. I am after any ethno seeds you have to offer me and all are really appreciated. I really need some more E. Gerardiana and any papaver species you may have. I dont mind paying for seeds just PM me what you have. Also (now im being greedy) im interested in getting some spore prints and any info on growing. We didnt get any up here this year and I miss them..LOL Thanks everyone.
  3. 1 K posts quiz

    Ive used a refractometer to test the specific gravity of my home brew. i beleive it can be used for multible purposes but mainly to measure density of liquid.??? I might be off track cause you can also use a hydrometer.
  4. Hi all, Im wondering if anyone has any Nicotiana tabacum seeds or any other species available. I will pay cash or I have a San Pedro Cutting growing nicely for a swap if anyones interested. Im in gold coast hinterland. Let me know.
  5. Poppy Seeds

    Hi mate, I dont suppose you have any left?
  6. 2Deep's Gold Coast Trade List

    hi mate. I dont have anything to swap other than fresh catnip. But im eager to buy some of your nicotiana seeds. Im at maudsland so I can come past or send you an envelope if you still have some. Thanks