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  1. If your interested in shipping to the US, then I am interested. If not I understand.

    Yeah, nah... sorry about that.

    Yes please

    Well then PM me then! :P

    So far got 7 packets gone waiting on two other people. So someone else can jump aboard the train if they'd like.


    Edit: Changed the numbers of packets ready.

  2. Hey there! How's the delosperma been going?

    I've got some N.tobacum to giveaway for everyone.

    10 packets of with just over half a teaspoon is up for grabs. Just leave a comment saying that you'd like one and PM me.

    Bonus brownie points if you can tell me which book this quote is from "The mother of the mother of tobacco is a snake".


  3. try taking some ginger product of a morning for a few days, such as proper, brewed ginger beer such as Bundaberg GB. Grab a few bottles and take daily, see if it makes a difference.

    Heh, reminds me of my Grandpa. Had the worst motion sickness known to man, still went fishing with me and the family each year (up near whangarei). Drank Bundaberg GB by the liter too.

    Sorry, I have nothing to contribute just came here to say this ^