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    regrowth on a frozen Lophophora

    For the lazier of us: http://tinyurl.com/MartinTerryLophsPDF
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    Allo'? Allo'?
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    Earth Hour: Fuck It

    It was earth hour today? >.>*
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    Post your track of the day

    Editors - The Boxer
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    p.viridis 12 nice plants

    Sorry to derail, but I second this.
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    Love handles
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    Anyone have some Nicotiana Tabacum seeds?

    I am very proud of this thread
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    I have had it!
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    Wannabe hairdressers.
  11. I'd be keen to help but I'd need at least a picture of the area. As was said before^^
  12. Care to enlighten me? I haven't been in QLD longer enough to know what it was like.
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    What is SHAMANISM?

    Some prefer the term Vegetalisto. To answer your question. The healing of the community/self/whole through the knowledge of the spirits/ancestors and of the plants.
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    comfrey rootstock available

    I can confirm this as well. Picked up some from my local garden centre from the same comp as well.
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    's go bzzzzzzzzz
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    Interviews with People Who Just Smoked DMT

    Blogger --> Me
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    And my axe!
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    Can your microscope do THIS?

    Hah! A minecraft world I love this thing even more!
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    Post your track of the day

    Y'all best be careful watchin' this one if you dun have photosensitive epilepsy mmk?
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    My Garden

    Some new ethno-additions! B. caapi from SAB Dorset Naga shame it's no longer summer! I was looking forward to some chillies! Acacia phlebopylla? Not sure about the wavy leaves though... Acacia cultriformis, this one's interesting you have to prune it so it branches otherwise I presume it grows straight up. Some new growth from a cutting Tipz gave me! http://imgur.com/N2osL Edit: I also bought a T.Iboga but it's not really that interesting right now!
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    My Garden

    So, everyone else is posting their gardens. Why not me? I'll update this thread with new growth and new plants. I'm getting myself set up over here after moving from NZ, so you'll have to excuse the tameness of this thread. Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' Some more morning glories, S.farinacea and a bean plant that's starting to flower. My bonsai, the bottom one needs a trim... Another bonsai, this one has been attacked by aphids and is starting to recover. Klip dagga, catnip, stevia and S.officianalis A bunch of klip dagga and er.. oh yeah, there's another morning glory in the top-left. Each step with a S.farinacea plant Dwarf pumpkins Some pereskiopsis cuttings (thanks shortly!) Lastly, some rock melon seedlings That's all for now folks, I'll be updating as soon as I get more plants/cacti Any constructive criticism is welcome! All trolls will be napalmed.