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  1. Nexuswalker

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    My Saguaro cactus that I recently bought had mealy bugs all over it so I got rid of them and will ensure they are gone before placing near other cacti, also it's starting to flower too =D. Also sowed many T. Bridgesii and L. Williamsi seeds into pots and watered my Echinocactus Ingens's (Blue Barrel cacti).
  2. Nexuswalker

    Some Native (finger) lime photos

    Hey all, Wow Prophet, those are some very interesting varieties you have there, wonder if they taste any good or not as I know there are many different types of finger lime's. Some grow wild around Brisbane including the much sort after 'green' variety, and some grow in North Queensland including a red but most of them don't taste all too nice. I have 5 green variety finger lime plants (three grafted and 2 seedlings) and one of a certain red variety I impulse bought. Any quick growing citrus lime is a good rootstock for these plants I have found including normal old lime trees. As for these trees being a money saving tool, if you are willing to wait a little while, yes. From seed they take around a year to get even big enough to put in the ground and will take around 7 to start to fruit but will grow to a height of up to 15m in 10 -15 years, as a grafted plant they will only grow to a size of about 4m but will only take around 4 years to fruit (all depending on condition). I am referring to my experience growing the popular green variety which I was able to obtain from a local plant store My two cents
  3. Nexuswalker

    Acacia Maidenii seeds alkaloid content

    Damn, I only thought this might be the case because A. Maidenii isn't really high in alkaloid content at all, at least not compared to Obtusifolia or Mimosa Hostilis and definitely not to something like Phlaris Brachystachys. I may yet even get someone else to do an alkaloid extraction and just see what it yields. Will post if it's worthwhile or anyone is interested.
  4. Hey all, I just found a half full packet of A. Maidenii seeds from SAB which I bought years ago before I knew what acacia trees looked like or that they were all over my property, anyway I noticed these say on the front of the packet 'high alkaloid content', I searched the forums and google and found no info, I'm wondering whether or not it would be worth my while to collect as many seeds as I can from the trees that I'm 90% positive are Maidenii (going to get a guy to look at them soon ;) ) this way I will not hurt the trees at all and I'll collect the seeds anyway if anyone wants any. Does anyone have knowledge of the data on alkaloid content of A. Maidenii seeds at all please? and does anyone know if the alkaloid content on the seeds varies the same way they do in the bark of this species.
  5. Nexuswalker

    heimia salicifolia preparation

    Actually I did read the tek and the replies but otherwise duely noted. My apologies
  6. Nexuswalker

    heimia salicifolia preparation

    I have been trying to figure out a really good tek for this for a little while now. After reading from this page I have figured out one or two possible extraction methods, also worth noting this text says that Cryogenine is not water soluble. http://www.shaman-australis.com/~auxin/heimia.html#Chemical%20Properties%20of%20Selected%20Alkaloids I would just ferment the plant material then extract with methanol and Dichloromethane discarding the plant material after a few hours of soaking I guess, then seperate and distill of the DCM and evaporate the Methanol. However if you do not want to distill anything you could just use methanol and evaporate the only difference would be you wouldn't get the Lythrine (don't know whether that would even make a difference or not). I have never tried this at all but my friend has some Hemia plants and this is what I have devised for when they are ready. Hope that helps.
  7. Poison, do you know if these seeds are from the Mulligan river area where the aborigines apparently only ever took it from due to it's very low nor-nicotine content? I would be very interested to know.