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  1. dollarjuice

    So who else 'Rims?

    Yeah sheather the mage's guild was the first quest chain I did, but you really should try out the theives guild. Quest chain is quite fun and interesting and took my at least 5 hours of playtime.
  2. dollarjuice

    New food bill in New Zealand

    Seriously? I can't believe a government could get away with something like this? It almost doesn't seem real.
  3. dollarjuice

    So who else 'Rims?

    Nice sheather i'm only on 2 so far. Do you know if you obtain all of them during quest lines or are there some where you have to just find a dungeon and go in?
  4. dollarjuice

    how to grow fungi?

    Observe the conditions in which the fungi you want to grow, grows. And then re-create these conditions as best you can.
  5. dollarjuice

    .. woody

    trametes versicolor? http://www.mushroomexpert.com/trametes_versicolor.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trametes_versicolor
  6. dollarjuice

    velvet shank -

    Marasmius elegans? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marasmius_elegans not 100% sure... Have found a few references to growing in both pine and eucalypt forrests. Does the cap feel velvet-y?
  7. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    Haha believe it or not tipz that egg is actually wooden.
  8. dollarjuice

    So who else 'Rims?

    Darkspark I'm working my way through the thieves guild stuff now, and though it isnt exactly 'challenging' it is still quit a lot of fun and i enjoy it. On the note of them removing a lot of the agility, strength, etc. The game still plays quite similiar to if they were still in there. Its just got rid of a bit of redundancies. I can understand why you'd miss it if you wanted to hardcore role-play but imo its a change for the better. And they more than make up for it with the new way perks work :D Oh and i met a character named Torsten today!
  9. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    Kinda hard to get a good photo but i did what i could Don't think its fully open yet though.
  10. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    The first photo was taken yesterday, the 2nd only a few minutes ago. Definatley flowering tonight i'll post a few more photos then.
  11. dollarjuice

    "Darwin man given $100,000 after drug error"

    Silky smooth hair
  12. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    That has the potential to be so amazing qualia but the skill involved would be immense.
  13. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    You were right GoT, no luck with a flower, so hopefully tonight or tomorrow (fingers crossed) And no signs of any other flowers either
  14. dollarjuice

    So who else 'Rims?

    I'm addicted hardcore to skyrim. Was so devastated that when it first came out i was still moving house and had the wait to get everything set up to play it. I do think i've caught up fairly well though, level 27 dark elf, focusing mostly destruction magic and sneak. Does anybody else have problems dumping their money? i'm sitting on almost 30k and it always seems to be increasing. Even when i make sure to get some sort of training 5 times every level. Does anybody have 100 smithing yet for the dragon armour?
  15. dollarjuice

    Cactus flower

    Hey guys this one should be flowering tonight. I'll update with another picture when it does.