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  1. tehk

    So who else 'Rims?

    Hey that is really strange... My online handle in quake1/2 team fortress /counterstrike days was killoggs... but in quake3/enemy-territory, warcraft it was tehk ( teh killoggs - not very creative ) But in league it is t3hk since tehk was taken, probably from your housemate.
  2. tehk

    Post your track of the day

    I really digged that Devin Townsend track, can't believe I've never heard that band before, since i'm into some similar music. Some other interesting tracks I've never heard. Didn't check the whole thread, will probably slowly make my way through it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D29kG-JyBys
  3. tehk

    So who else 'Rims?

    Have not played Skyrim yet, still stuck playing League of Legends... I don't even know why it isn't even fun for me anymore.
  4. tehk

    The end of YouTube and others

    I hope the people can rise up against this one, but I feel this will be forced through. Call me a conspiracy nut but Europe and US talking about this at the same time, Bilderberg Group (http://bilderberg2011.com/bilderberg-agenda/interview-with-swiss-banker-reveals-bilderberg-2011-plans-for-internet-censorship-are-coming/) The fat cats figured out a way to get their money back. Thanks for the link Jeans.
  5. tehk

    Any one selling Acacia plant?

    Thanks for the info, really helpful. Hopefully by growing one i'll be able to easily ID in the future.
  6. Hey, I'm new here, 26, male, kogarah sydney, no idea how to ask this, and I suck at green thumb skills, but wouldn't mind learning or just buying one of these generous plants. How long would it take to grow say Acacia Acuminata before I'd be able to enjoy it. Sorry if it has been asked a billion times, I've tried searching/lurking through the forums for info but seriously, I have no idea how to find what i'm looking for. Anyhow, if anyone is happy to send me info i'd appreciate it. Thanks