I'm looking for advice based on personal experiences with germinating the three main Brazillian strains, Caupuri, Tucunac√° and Ourinhos. I have done a bit of research, and a generalized overview is as follows. Seeds must be fresh, and lose viability fast. Sow seeds with the wing pointed upwards, 1/4 to 1/8 inch deep in rich well draining soil, whats usually reccomended is 25% perlite and sieved potting mix with a bit if course sand. Some recommend a bit of coco coir, and some recommend spaghnum moss at the top layer (not peat). A humid environment is required, so either a container or baggy method, with a sterilisation if the sowing medium before by microwave or oven. Daily venting is recommended, as it seems that fungus / mold is a big problem with caapi seeds, yet they need the humidity. Constant heat above 24C is needed, and there hasnt been any mention of day/night temperature cycles like cacti seeds need. I haven't read anything about light requirements for germination. I read a bit of others experiences with caapi and it didnt look promising, a lot of failure and difficulty, even with fresh seed. Most common was fungus/mold attacks, poor germination rates, and seedlings dying after germinating. I was wondering if any if the good people at SAB have any first hand experience germinating these three strains, and if they had any specific advice for a reliable method to follow. Thanks