Claude was a respected, admired and well loved researcher in many fields. Most knew him from his botanical pursuits, but his volume of non-botanical work is also phenomenal. He was a true pioneer in whatever he touched and we have lost him much too soon.

Claude will be remembered by many for his generosity, honesty and dedication. Many of us are growing his plants, cultivating his ideas, or practising his conscious dreaming methods...... and these will serve as permanent reminders to his courage and inspiration.

With only the fondest memories of a truely exceptional person we say Thank You Claude!

Torsten (webmaster)

Claude's research and accomplishments include:

* much of his research is known under "Claude de Contrecoeur" or "Cyrano" at this site

* Some of the first research into GHB

* Conscious dreaming & controlled hallucinations, incl oneirogenic plants.

* Antidepressant effects of Salvia splendens

* Providing the first live plant material and seeds of Mitragyna speciosa outside Thailand, incl several bioassays. This material is the source of the vast majority of Kratom plants currently available outside Thailand.

* Spreading many, many species of bamboo from asia all over the world.

* Much political activism where ever he saw injustice being done.