Auxins Solubilities of Selected Phytochemicals Page

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Page Last Updated 20 August 2003
  1. Apigenin: sol. in dil. alkalies; msol. in hot EtOH
  2. Apiin: sol. in hot water, hot EtOH, dil. alkalies (inc. Na2CO3)
  3. Apomorphine: sol. in EtOH, acetone, CHCl3; ssol. in water, benzene, ether, pet. ether
  4. Anabasine: misc. with water; sol. in EtOH, IpOH, ether, benzene
  5. Arecoline: misc. with water, EtOH, ether; sol. in CHCl3
  6. Asarone: sol. in EtOH, ether, AcOH, CHCl3, pet. ether; vss in water
  7. Atropine: sol. in EtOH, ether, CHCl3; ssol. in water
  8. Berberine (anhydrous): sol. EtOH, ether
  9. Bufotenine: fsol. in EtOH; sol. in ether, dil. acids and alkalies
  10. Bulbocapnine: sol. in EtOH, IpOH, CHCl3
  11. Caffeine: fsol. in hot water, CHCl3; sol. in EtOH, acetone; msol. in water
  12. Capsaicin: fsol. in EtOH, IpOH, ether, benzene, CHCl3
  13. Chlorophyll: fsol. in EtOH, acetone, CHCl3, benzene, toluene
  14. Cocaine: vsol. in CHCl3; fsol. in EtOH, ether; sol. in acetone
  15. Codeine: vsol. in EtOH; sol. in benzene, ether; ssol. in water
  16. Corydaline: sol. in CHCl3; msol. in ether, EtOH
  17. Corydine: fsol. in EtOH, CHCl3, EtOAc; msol. in ether
  18. Corytuberine: sol. in hot water, EtOH; ssol. in ether, EtOAc, CHCl3
  19. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): sol. in benzene, naphtha, ether, EtOH
  20. Ephedrine: vsol. in EtOH; sol. in water, ether, CHCl3
  21. Ferulic acid: sol. in hot water, EtOH, EtOAc, alkalies
  22. Harmaline: sol. in hot EtOH; ssol. EtOH, ether; vss. in water
  23. Harmine: msol. in water; ssol. in EtOH, CHCl3, ether
  24. Heimia alkaloids: sol. in CHCl3, CH2Cl2, acetone, EtOH, IpOH
  25. Hordenine: vsol. in EtOH, ether; sol. in CHCl3; msol. in water; sps. in benzene, toluene
  26. Ibogaine: sol. in EtOH, IpOH, ether, CHCl3, acetone, benzene
  27. Juglone: sol. in EtOH, CHCl3, ether, benzene, alkalies
  28. Kawain: sol. in MeOH, EtOH, acetone, ether
  29. Laudanine: sol. in hot EtOH, benzene, CHCl3; ssol. in EtOH, ether
  30. Mescaline: sol. in EtOH, CHCl3, benzene; msol. in water
  31. Mesembrine: fsol. in EtOH, acetone, CHCl3; vss. in benzene, pet. ether, alkalies
  32. Morphine: fsol. in boiling methanol, sol'ns of alkali and alkaline hydroxides; ssol. in EtOH, EtOAc
  33. Nicotine: infs. EtOH, ether, water; vsol. in CHCl3, pet. ether (Forms a azeotrope with water containing 2.45% nicotine and boiling at 99.6 C)
  34. Nornicotine: sol. in water, EtOH, pet. ether
  35. Oxalic acid: vsol. in boiling water, EtOH; sol. in water; insol. in pet. ether, benzene, CHCl3, etc.
  36. Papaverine: sol. in EtOH, acetone, AcOH; ssol. in CHCl3, pet. ether; vss. in water
  37. Protopine: sol. in CHCl3; ssol. in EtOAc, benzene, pet. ether; vss. in EtOH, ether
  38. Psilocin: sol. in EtOH, sol'ns of alkali hydroxides
  39. Psilocybin: sol. in boiling water; msol. in boiling MeOH; ssol. in EtOH
  40. Quinine: vsol. in CHCl3, EtOH; sol. in ether; ssol. in boiling water
  41. Rescinnamine: msol. in EtOH, benzene, CHCl3, CH2Cl2
  42. Reserpiline: fsol. in EtOH, acetone, CHCl3, benzene
  43. Reserpine: fsol. in CHCl3, CH2Cl2, AcOH; sol. in benzene, EtOAc
  44. Salvinorin: sol. in acetone, IpOH, EtOH
  45. Splendidin: sol. in acetone, IpOH, EtOH
  46. Tetrahydrocannabinol: sol. in EtOH, IpOH, acetone, pet. ether, toluene, CHCl3
  47. Thebaine: vsol. in pyridine, CHCl3, benzene; sol. in EtOH, ether; vss. in water
  48. Theobromine: sol. in sol'ns of alkali hydroxides; msol. in boiling water; vss. in water, EtOH
  49. Theophylline: sol. in hot water, sol'ns of alkali hydroxides, ammonia; msol. in water, EtOH, CHCl3
  50. Thujone: infs. in EtOH, IpOH, ether; vss. in water
  51. Tyramine: sol. in EtOH, IpOH; msol. in water; ssol. in benzene, hot xylene
  52. Ursolic acid: sol. in boiling EtOH; msol. in MeOH, EtOH, ether, CHCl3
  53. Vanillin: sol. hot water, EtOH, CHCl3, ether, sol'ns of alkali hydroxides, msol. in water
  54. Vinblastine: sol. in EtOH, IpOH, acetone, EtOAc, CHCl3
  55. Withaferin A: sol. in CHCl3
  56. Xanthoxylin: sol. in EtOH, IpOH, ether
  57. Yangonin: sol. in hot EtOH, AcOH, acetone, EtOAc; ssol. in benzene, ether
  58. Yohimbine: sol. in EtOH, CHCl3, hot benzene; msol. in ether
  59. Zingerone: sps. in water, pet. ether; sol. in ether, sol'ns of alkali hydroxides
AcOH = Acetic acid, glacial (unless specified dilute)
CHCl3 = Chloroform
CH2Cl2 = Methylene chloride
dil. = Dilute
EtOAc = Ethyl acetate
EtOH = Ethyl alcohol
fsol. = Freely soluble
infs. = Infinitely soluble
IpOH = Isopropyl alcohol
MeOH = Methyl alcohol
misc. = Miscible
msol. = Moderatly soluble
pet. ether = Petroleum ether
sol. = Soluble
sol'ns = Solutions
sps. = Sparingly soluble
ssol. = Slightly soluble
vsol. = Very soluble
vss. = Very slightly soluble