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DMT in Psilocybes!

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Some guys reported smoking psilocybes has some effect - probably because of that.

The article states microscopic amounts of DMT.. so you would have to vaporise and compress quite a bit of dried mushroom to even gain a threshold experience.

My guess with people getting effects from smoking psilocybin mushrooms is placebo effect + smoke high.

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Subaeruginosa as fare as I know have DMT in them and are active a mild amount when smoking strait in joint form-well you need about three joints. Or maybe I am just tripping on life and it is all in my head

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I know a guy who smokes them (cube caps)

He says it make the world like 'pleasantville'


I also know another guy who injected some sub juice...

Ever found someone in the toilet doing rock art with their own faeces?

not good not good

Im glad i wasnt there to see that one, goddamn, lucky he has good freinds

Yet another 2 guys take subs and a MAOi and go raving

says its great because when every one else is looking strung out as the e wears off

they are feeling great having fought hard and danced through the heart of it and come out the other side smiling :) These guys are hardcore though - less adventurous souls should stick to plain cubes or e's

In a dream a gnome i knew once had drunk Amanita and cannabis leaf tea and was feeling nice so tried to smoke a mushroom cigarette but got no noticeable effects.

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Generally its pretty much accepted that the levels of DMT measured in continental mushrooms like Ps.Cyanescens and Cubensis would be at a level far below required threshold.

As for Australian natives like Subaeruginosa (Australiana and Eucalypta) ive met a number of people who add dried specimens to their cones and are adament that there is a definate effect.

As there is no good alkaloid analysis of these mushrooms that I am aware of that went into more detail than Psilocybin/psilocin levels, they could have higher levels of DMT than other mushrooms.

Id suggest that as the experience with Australian natives seems quite unique and different than that provided from Cubensis, panaeolus, Semilanceata, Tampensis and American woodlovers, there might be something in this.

As an example, Ps.Weilli is said to have the most unique mushroom experience available in the US due to high levels of tryptophans, etc.

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