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Khat leftover as substrate for growing mushrooms?

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From the results of this study, the following conclusions can be obtained. The khat leftover can be used to cultivate the oyster mushrooms namely Pleurotus oestreatus, Pleurotus oestreatus-florida and Pleurotus sajor-caju, consequently reducing this organic pollutant in Eastern part of Ethiopia. The otherwise waste khat left over can be used to increase bulk of food produced impacting food security. The FWFB and BE of Pleurotus sajor-caju fruit bodies are superior to that of the other tested oyster mushroom. Khat left over substrate has higher BE than substrates like wheat bran, even though, its productivity and BE was lower than those Pleurotus sp., cultivated on other types of substrates. Therefore, further research on enhancing the suitability of khat leftover and increases the yield of oyster mushroom, using different methods of pretreatments and optimal formulation by adding different high nitrogen containing substrates would be recommended.



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