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A few small Acacia obtusifolia clones

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Only three small Acacia obtusifolia clones survived a 9-month (or so) propagation experiment. The mother is the sapling in second pic -- the fast-growing straggly one, around 3 years' old. 


The three clones are up for grabs. I have no further need of them, but figure someone might have a space in their garden needs filling. 


Keep in mind, I won't be going anywhere near a Post Office until Jan 2023.


PM if interested. 





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Curious to know what was the basis of selection for clones?

Generally speaking, you'd be better off germinating seeds, unless you had a particular specimen that warranted cloning. Otherwise your bottlenecking genes for what purpose?

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15 hours ago, Glaukus said:

Generally speaking, you'd be better off germinating seeds


I agree totally, seeds are faster by a long shot. But I didn't know that yet!


This was purely an experiment, I took cuttings of A. obtusifolia (a particularly vigorous specimen) and of A. phlebophylla (no weakling either) for comparison.

The goal was to be able to clone A. phlebophylla, an endangered species. 


I learned a few things along the way. 


1. it takes time - from late summer to the beginning of the next

2. aeration of root zone produces speedier results

3. be gentle when hardening off (I lost more than a few to afternoon sun)

4. A. phlebophylla seems quite resistant to this method of propagation, as reported by others


Propagating acacias via cutting, rather than seed, is recommended where hybridisation is likely to have occurred (e.g. suburbia) but true-to-type plants are required. (Marion Simmons)



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