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Opportunity for somebody with land/farm

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Hi all,


I've got about 100 seedgrown cacti I'd like to chuck into the ground and forget about for 5 to 10 years. I'm very much interested in seeing adult phenotypes for future breeding programs.


If you own suitable land somewhere in NSW and think it highly likely you'll still own that land in 10 years time, I'd love to visit, plant out a whole bunch if cacti (well spaced) and come back in the future.


I realise it's a big ask so I've been thinking about what I could offer in return. Perhaps naming rights for plants you like the most? I'd also be willing to cull half the plants after 4 years of growth in which case you'd have around 50 cacti to do whatever you'd like with. Or feel free to pitch me any other requests you have in exchange. Whatever seems reasonable to you.


If interested, please let me know rough location and whether or not it's protected from goats etc. I can provide photos of my seedgrown cacti and we can take it from there!


There's no reason they have to all go to one place either. I'd be happy to wet up a few stands in different places too.




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