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The Corroboree

Photos of mushrooms prints please

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As the title says I'm looking for photos of prints, I would love to see as many different photos as I can. Preferably with their identification.  

Now before I go any further I would like to explain the reason I'm looking for these pictures. It's seems that I've got myself into a bit of a situation, my 16 year old daughter has bought herself a tattoo gun and I have been asked to be her first patient / guinea pig / victim lol. I figure a mushroom print shouldn't be to complicated and I have always had a passion and a connection with shrooms. 

So if you don't mind me getting something that hopefully looks similar to your picture permanently put on my body please so me your photos..

Cheers Jox..

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I can't believe that no one has jumped at the chance to help my daughter punish me.. This place has really slowed down since I was here a few years ago..

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Hey, here's a picture HEKA_ACT_04_Student-led_activity__making


Suggest you caption it "Portobello Mafia".


If you get sick of people asking what it means, set up a QR code pointed at this link 


and have it tattooed somewhere else on your body.

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fixing the link, finishing the thought

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