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EGA webcast - Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy + The Fly agaric - 29/06

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EGA Webcast - Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy + The Fly agaric




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The 16th Microdose Webcast will explore the therapeutic benefits of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration. There will also be a second segment the Fly agaric magic mushroom (Amanita muscaria). 

Registrations for the Microdose Webcasts are free, but donations are encouraged to support EGA's important work.


Episode Synopsis

The literature on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy has found the psychedelic effects of ketamine to be of therapeutic benefit when adequate psychotherapeutic support and integration are provided following ketamine treatment. Integration is a key component of the psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy model. Come along to our webcast presented by Dr. Shevaugn Johnson and Meg Wilson to learn about the evidence-based applications of ketamine and meta-analyses which compare a single infusion of ketamine to placebo/active placebo for the treatment of major depressive disorder and bipolar depression.

The field of psychedelic assisted therapy which also includes ketamine assisted therapy has existed only for a short time in the field of western medicine. Learn about different therapeutic approaches, psychedelic integration and what a clinical ketamine experience may feel like. There will also be a short Q&A on the night.

In Addition there will also be a second segment on the flyer agaric Mushroom with mycologist Caine Barlow. Amanita muscaria is the archetypal magic mushroom, appearing everywhere from illustrated children's books, Christmas cards, and garden ornaments to felt representations in community markets.  It also carries many myths, representing dark, potent journeys to light, humorous episodes of transformation - from Christian fertility rituals, the Soma of the Rig Veda, the Viking berzerkers, Santa Claus, and Alice in Wonderland.


Bio: Eternity Hausen (CEO and Founder)

Eternity Hausen founded Enlighten Mental Health in 2020. Passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the mental health landscape in Australia, Eternity left the Army to create Australia’s first online practice offering Psychedelic Integration services. Eternity served 15 years in the Australian Defence Force working in national security and is now a reservist.

Eternity also consults to Reset Mind Sciences, with Dr. Stephen Bright, and Dr. Renee Harvey. Reset Mind Sciences is the first Australian company to be granted a licence to grow psilocybin containing mushrooms in Australia.

With experience in both public and private sectors, Eternity has worked on military acquisition projects and was a part of the Australia’s first air to air refuelling capability project.


Bio: Dr Shevaugn Johnson (Clinical Psychologist)

Dr Shevaugn Johnson is originally from Canada, where she trained as a surgical and mental health nurse and obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honours. In 2016 Dr Johnson was awarded the Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship to study a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. She specialised in the research of body dysmorphic disorder, winning two higher degree research publication awards. Throughout the completion of her Doctorate, Dr Johnson developed a special interest in the use of psychedelics to alleviate mental health problems. Drawing upon a Canadian database, she is currently collaborating with North American researchers to replicate a 2015 population-based study, which found that lifetime use of classic psychedelics predicted lower suicidality and psychological distress.

Dr Johnson has also published case reports of individuals who reported to have benefited from their use of psychedelics and is currently working on a protocol for a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy trial in South Australia. Dr Johnson has extensive experience working with diverse mental health populations, including post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. She is a strong advocate for the dissemination of education surrounding the safe use of psychedelics and hopes to continue working with like-minded individuals who recognise the transdiagnostic potential of these medicines.


Bio: Meg Wilson

Meg was originally born in the United States and migrated to Australia in 2008 to begin studying at Monash University where she completed a bachelor's degree of visual and contemporary art with a special interest in art for social change.

In 2016 Meg graduated from Latrobe University with a Master’s of Art Psychotherapy and began a 4-year stint as a group therapist for adults in a psychiatric day-program. There she trained as part of a team facilitating dialectical behavioural therapy programs. It was there that she developed an interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy for treatment resistant mental health conditions.

She is also an author and advocate for inclusion of diverse cultures, race, genders, sexuality and relationship-styles. Meg is passionate about providing a space for clients to make informed choices about the use of psychedelics and to feel empowered to author their own life story.




Bio: Caine Barlow

Caine Barlow is a Mycologist and Fungi Educator based in Melbourne, Australia.  He gives regular talks on mycology, fungi conservation, and teaches gourmet mushroom cultivation.  He is a member of the Australian organisations Entheogenesis Australis, MYCOmmunity Applied Mycology, The Australian Psychedelic Society, and the Entheome Foundation.

Caine started foraging for mushrooms in the early 1990's, and started cultivating gournet fungi in the mid 2000's. He did his Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania, and a Master of Science at the University of Melbourne where his research project was based around Conservation Mycology.

In addition to fungi, Caine has had a long term interest in ethnobotany, ethnobotanical literature,  and growing medicinal plants - in particular Cacti and Acacias. He writes for DoubleBlind and ThirdWave, is a “Trusted Identifier” on The Shroomery, and a moderator on many Facebook fungi groups. Caine posts regularly on his Instagram, @guerrillamycology, sharing adventures from cultivation, foraging, and ethnomycology, to interesting observations from his home lab.


Book Now - Yes Its Free 

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