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The Corroboree

GARDEN STATES - Ethnobotanical Conference - Dec 2-4 2022

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I just got back


And I can't emphasise enough how excellent it was.


So. Much. Good. Solid. Science.


Had been pondering the creation of a dedicated space so ppl specifically interested in pure research could hole up in a corner and talk about lab stuff. Turns out it wasn't needed, everywhere I went there were two or three researchers hanging round who were happy to chat and teach


I caught up with @Yeti101 ( I'm up to hang out before the next one ). I met @FancyPants. I caught up with the Hillbillys. I met a new bunch of lovely people I'd never heard of til EGA, I saw absolute shedloads of very dear old friends and colleagues who I only ever see at EGAs

Ran a workshop, helped out at another, had some great yarns with crew at the afterparty.


Didn't see a single presentation yet.I figure that's what streaming is for :D If I wanted to go to your presentation it really meant I hoped I'd catch you in the lobby, which was usually the case


Was gifted many many significant items to help me on the research path ( if you're on here, you know who you are but do you know how grateful we all are this end? ) and a couple of brilliant books


Ate all the food in Melbourne including some very dodgy salmon pieces from Woolies and everything but that was perfect


And can't thank the EGA crew enough. I love youse all, seriously, it's still like Xmas for me



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Gobsmacked. Awesome constellation of minds, wow. And I didn't even attend! 

I'd been looking forward to this event for years, even pre-COVID. 

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