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Zelly.....the Green-thumb hero

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Don't know where to start

There's no way i can thank zelly enough


This uy has been helping me a lot, even before I joined SAB. Once I joined SAB, zelly sent me a lot of seeds throughout the years without asking me anything in return. 


Since 2014, laws have changed a lot to the point that by late 2015 I can't receive any packages containing any plant material (seeds or cuttings). However, sometime during this period zelly offered to send me a cutting. So I asked for a PC cutting. He sent me a package but unfortunately customs refused to release it. A month later, a friend went to the states and zelly sent him a package. Fortunately, I received the package with a beautiful PC cutting that had flower buds. 


Last year, zelly contacted me and offered me some of his seeds. I told him that they won't pass customs. He sent me a lot of crosses in a very intelligent way and the arrived to my house safe and sound. 


I've never seen anyone get out his way and spends time in packaging and sending packages without asking anything in return. 


Zelly I appreciate your friendship more than I can express. Thank you my friend :)


I planted the seeds 2 weeks ago and most of the crosses already started germinating and I'm very excited as if it was my first time.




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