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Mushroom evolution

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Episode 13 - What can we learn from the evolution of psychedelic organisms? 


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Wednesday, March 30th 



Our 13th Microdose Webcast will look at the evolution of psychedelic organisms. We will be joined by Dr. Jason Slot, Associate Professor of Mycology and Evolutionary Genomics at the Ohio State University. Dr. Slot currently researches the ecological functions of psychedelic substances. After this lecture, there will be a short Q&A. 

Dr Alistair McTaggart will also be providing an update on his mycologist researching the active Psilocybe mushrooms of Australia.


Wednesday 30 March 2022 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (UTC+11) AEST 


Episode Synopsis

Why do many Psilocybe spp. contain psilocybin? What is the role of psilocybin in nature? What are the ecological functions of psychedelic substances? By surveying the genomes of the organisms that produce these substances, we can identify evolutionary trends and events that raise hypotheses about benefits provided by these substances. By extension, this can suggest ecological niches in which to search for new compounds with similar roles.


Psilocybin is bringing more and more human attention to these fungi, but did the mushrooms intend for psilocybin to attract us or was it supposed to scare us away? Join Associate Professor Dr Jason Slot, co-founder and scientific advisor for the Entheome Foundation, to discuss functional genomics, metabolomics and the evolution of natural psychedelics.

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Yes please.


Do we have professors of mycology and evolutionary genomics in Australia. I thought education was our main industry after digging.

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