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The Corroboree
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Anyone in WA have spore-prints for microscopy?

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I would've happily given you some but I gave my whole (pretty big after 10+ years) collection to a mate last year.


I wouldn't worry about Australia Post delays too much. The ones over ten years old still worked well, under a microscope of course.


So long as you keep them in a fridge in an airtight container they seem to last for ages. There were three or four different genuses (genii???), some sent from the UK too. Even the wild ones were good with a bit of extra work, not just the sterile ones. But he did the most obvious ones first no probs, which were some of the oldest.


I can appreciate your concern for sure, but a few extra days in the post shouldn't make any real difference if they're properly packed dry. Saying that, if you can get some from WA if definitely wouldn't hurt.


Happy microscoping mate!!!

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I ordered some kava powder from a (reputable) store in Sydney on the 7th Feb. Dispatched next day with tracking and and still hasn't arrived...


Perhaps prints will be a different story. 

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