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More ethnobotanical literature for sale, 2nd lot

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Okay guys second lot of books I'm selling
'Garden of Eden'
"Garden of Eden explores the vast world of psychoactive plants, animals and other organisms, and their uses in shamanism, spiritual exploration and healing. Encompassing scientific research, personal experience, ancient knowledge and esoteric philosophies, a multidisciplinary approach is taken, giving a wide view of the effects of natural substances on the mind, with an emphasis towards beneficial outcomes."

Individually or the lot for $160+ postage

Hardcopy $50+ postage.

'Psychedelics Encyclopedia'
"Traces the history of the use of hallucinogenic drugs and discusses the psychological and physical effects of LSD, marijuana, mescaline, and other drugs"

Paperback $20+ postage.

'The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants'
"The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, distribution, and cultivation of all known psychoactive plants• Examines 414 psychoactive plants and related substances• Explores how using"

Hardcopy $40+ postage

'DMT: The Spirit Molecule'
"A clinical psychiatrist explores the effects of DMT, one of the most powerful psychedelics known. • A behind-the-scenes look at the cutting edge of psychedelic research. • Provides a unique scientific explanation for the phenomenon of alien abduction experiences. From 1990 to 1995 Dr. Rick Strassman"

Paperback $20+ postage

'The Doors of Perception'
"The Doors of Perception is an autobiographical book written by Aldous Huxley. Published in 1954, it elaborates on his psychedelic experience under the influence of mescaline in May 1953."

Paperback $15+ postage

'Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti'
"Guide to cultivating peyote and other psychoactive cacti and extracting active properties, including obtaining seeds, growing a variety of cacti, cloning, and grafting, and extracting the maximum output "

Paperback $10+ postage

'The Psychotropic Mind'
"Conversations on shamanism and mind-altering plants by filmmaker Jan Kounen, anthropologist Jeremy Narby, and writer/filmmaker Vincent Ravalec • Explores how ayahuasca and iboga are tools"

Paperback $10+ Postage

'Salvia Divinorum: The Sage of Seers'
"The Shamanic Plant Medicine series acts as an introduction to specific teacher plants used by shamans in a variety of cultures to facilitate spirit communion, healing, divination and personal discovery, and which are increasingly known, used and respected in Western society by modern shamans as a means of connecting to spirit. Salvia is the shamanic plant of Mexico. It is known particularly for its divinatory powers but it also has the ability to heal and, more extraordinarily, in modern usage it provides access to inter-dimensional travel and the ability to move through time."

Paperback $10+ postage

'Trout's Notes on San Pedro and Related Cacti Species'
"This book is one that will help identify the different Trichocereus cultivars."

Paperback $30+ postage

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