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The Corroboree

Chasing edible (gourmet) mushroom spores

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been getting into the whole fungus cultivation thingo - and am looking to expand my edible mushroom options (I have some enoki's I cloned from a storebought pack :lol:).

shoot me a message if you have prints or similar you'd be happy to share. 

I have plenty of P. sub prints (for microscopy purposes), lots of acacia and other natives seeds, and a few cacti seedlings.


Thanks heaps :)

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Nice work on the enoki clone - All things I grow in my yard are from the supermarket too (the best genetically modified seeds ever to exist on this planet - and the farmer paid a hefty price for them).


I just put down all of the seeds I've had stashed from last season, so I have nothing to give you ATM, but if anything comes up, I'll be sure to let you know.


I've been experimenting with fast growing fungi for food recycling in combination with my little beasties, but I'm keen to get some edibles growing too - I find Asian supermarkets keep good fresh exotic mushroom stock that can be cloned. But if I get my hands on anything good I'll be sure to let you know.


Keep growing things

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22 hours ago, rottenjonny said:

I'd be happy to pull some golden oyster out of cold storage for you on agar?



Hey @rottenjonny, thanks for the offer mate.

I'm not quite ready/setup for a grow at the moment, I'm currently setting up an outdoor kitchen and facilities (shower, preparation area and garbage recycling) for outdoor living.
Once that's done I'll get those delicious edible growing again.

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