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Outdoor grow tip for Aussies

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I have discovered that certain species of fungus grow amazingly well outside in Scotts Osmocote 50L Premium Potting Mix that you can get from places like Bunnings. It's the stuff in the orange bag. 


I mixed spent substrate with the potting mix to use as mushroom compost. I did this in pots and in the ground. Some time later there were flushes of HUGE mushrooms.


I then tried using colonised grainspawn instead of spent substrate from trays just to play around. I mixed some of the grainspawn into the top layer of 30cm pots containing chillies and added some of the fresh potting mix on top. After a short period I got fruiting, including some big, fat ones from just the 30cm pots. 


In addition, tropical mushrooms have been growing in cold outside conditions when the aforementioned happened, However, the ones that fruited in the colder conditions were in areas where there was some sunlight which would have heated up the soil in the ground and pots. 


Furthermore, I really noticed how mycelium can be used to prevent erosion since it helped keep the soil together in places in my garden where water might dislodge it.


I hope this helps you. 



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