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withdrawl clinic

withania somnifera seed sought

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if you can help me out with some withania somnifera ,(ashwagandha) seeds, i would be greatfull.

swap for money or fresh catha edulis seeds (red but open pollinated, with potential nl strains).

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Hey mate, if you still need seed I am picking some fresh berries this week. Happy to send you some.


Cheers :)

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hi, ph7!


i overlooked your reply till, just now, but i'm happy to say, somebody pm'd me and i recieved plenty of those seeds, a while ago.

propably thats why, i stopped checking this thread for answeres.


when i reply to a post or start one, i allways remind myselfe, "have i forgotten something, to say".

like when you go on holydays, and you know, only once you start driving, you remember, what you forgott.

so , my dad, used to drive around the block and, his methode worked, well, well, he was in the war!


so if you post, circle for a while, before hitting that reply button...


so i say, if you are looking for something, "give it time" as this thread seems to suggest.

it took months to score, but i expected instant gratification, hehe.

sab, rocks, hail, hail to sab!:wub::P


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