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How I got to where I am now

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If you have the attention span of a gnat then this isn't definitely isn't for you.


So here's the back story about how I came to form my opinions on the state of the world. Feel free to troll me out if you have the attention span to actually read what brought me to my outlandish assessment of current world events and have watched the entire video I've attached if you still feel that I'm a "conspiracy theorist"


Mid 1990's
Like everyone else I was a normal wage earner working in a metal fab shop/engineering firm and my working conditions were under threat. I was being compelled to enter into Howards' new enterprise bargaining agreements where we were expected to negotiate deals which involved lower wages and reduced levels of working conditions (longer hours and lower pay rates) while we were expected to have higher productivity rates at the same time. The whole country was in turmoil and many companies had worksite shutdowns and strikes, at the same time scab labour was introduced and little Johnny Howard trained Australian soldiers overseas to break the union picket lines by our dock workers. Back in those days men still had balls and the Australian workers rejected the imposition from military forces en masse and presented a serious opposition to Howards' plan so the soldiers never came to break the picket lines.


I was the shop steward and I was responsible for the well being and working conditions of up to 200 men on a dangerous worksite where many men had been killed on the job, it was a company employing about 50 permanent staff and casual workers were brought in for bigger jobs. I was young and naive and knew that the ALP and the union movement was in essence a socialist movement and I only ever saw the positive side of union collectivism which had given my fathers' generation a high standard of living so I was all for it but I never really knew what socialism or communism was (we didn't have internet access in those days, so I was as naive as the average TV watching idiot).


One lunch time our union rep came into the workshop and told us he needed to call an emergency meeting because of recent developments in the AMWU, so we shut the doors to the crib house and began the meeting. Our union rep started the meeting on a very serious dire note and informed us that there had been a split in the union hierarchy where one side (closely affiliated with the ALP) had openly declared their communist affiliations and the other side had adopted a more liberal perspective and wanted to remain midfield and not affiliate with the openly communist aligned ALP party members. Less than 5 minutes after the lunch break was over our angry boss came in and screamed at us all to get back into the fucking workshop, I pushed him out the door and told him this is a union meeting, so we'll go back to work when the meeting was finished.


Then the union rep sat us all down while his offsider wheeled in a TV with a VHS video recorder and played us this vid by Jeremy Lee. As we watched the video presentation we all realised exactly what had been happening to the political landscape and why all our rights were being eroded. I was so disgusted by what I saw (given the context of the situation) that I resigned from the union that day and quit that job about two months later knowing it was a dead end street.



I've posted this vid here before but I really don't think anyone watched it because it doesn't fit their 3 minute attention span. Jeremy lays out the entire plan that's unfolding right now and coming to a climax, he was a statesman who investigated all of what he spoke about directly from documentation he obtained from local UN headquarters in Sydney.  Originally he was quite apathetic to the idea of the new world order but after reading their documents he realised it was a matter of the utmost importance and went on a crusade of sorts giving many talks all around the world in an effort to wake people up to what was coming.


So I spent many years researching the UN and it's origins and came to understand that it is in essence  an institution installed by the same world Banksters who installed and funded Stalin, Hitler & Mao and their main objective was to install a totalitarian system of world corporate governance.


Now they are openly flaunting it in our faces with a catchy jingle that borrows from the styles proven to evoke emotional connections from many of our favourite songs written in the last 20 years. They're rubbing our noses in it but most people don't understand the historical relevance to put it into context.

I can't find it on youtube but here it is on that conspiracy theory site the MSM likes to vilify so much.


A New World Order, Behind Closed Doors .... We Will Rise Again


All you Marxists indoctrinated by the Frankfurt school (look that up) of thought will no doubt be offended, so feel free to attack me again but look into DAVOS - the great reset first, so you can make intelligent, educated insults.


& don't make the assumption that I ascribe to two party politics, they're both pushing the same agenda and they both lie to us at every chance. It's like a Punch and Judy show where the real puppet masters hide behind the curtain and the actors on the stage just give the audience the show they're conditioned to accept to distract them from what's really going on behind the scenes.




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Interesting story mate. I don't have much attention span for modern politics and can't digest videos, so I have probably missed some of your ideas. I am generally skeptical of conspiracy theories.


I think your story of unions in Aus is important in a narrow window of time and in your personal life (harrowing story!), but for a political theory, your view of history is a bit too short. Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment might give you a longer term idea of the trajectory and is integral to the Frankfurt school, but more generally indicates that we lost control through what was originally a turn toward individual liberty, and our needs were met by the proliferation of industrial mechanisms born out of the "myth of the enlightenment", to have control of all facets of life, of which both international organisations and fascism were outgrowths. As such, H & A problematise the rise of global organisations like the UN. So, I am not sure how your thoughts would be offensive to the Frankfurst school, this school seems pretty sympathetic to your views?: In light of the OHSW problems at your past work you might enjoy: "As they designate obsolete sections of the population for extermination, the administrations of totalitarian states are merely the executors of economic verdicts passed long ago. Members of other branches of the division of labor can look on with the indifference of people reading newspaper reports on clean-up operations at the scene of yesterday's catastrophe" p.171.


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Yeah I went though the Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment in the early 2000's . I must say I haven't really revisited the works much in recent years. In hindsight it seems like a obfuscation of the Hegelian dialectic by a large collective of academics.  My recent investigations into the Frankfurt school have revealed their true motivations, they couldn't understand why people internationally didn't accept communism as it was being sold to the masses as an equal rights movement where the workers shared all the benefits of the state. So they instigated a form of systemic brainwashing to sell the idea globally.


The communists have always represented their system as a system that emancipates workers and gives them equal access to all the benefits of the state that the bourgeois are entitled to but it's never worked that way with communism or socialism. What happens in practice is that that the oligarchs end up confiscating all the the wealth of  the proletariat (including the bourgeois)  & they end up having all their property and wealth confiscated and then it gets funnelled into the coffers of the Banks.  


I have to remark, it's refreshing to hear an intelligent response and not just a knee jerk reaction.

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