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The Corroboree

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Hey everyone,

I have some seeds to trade that I will list under here. B)

Numbers of seeds i have left vary wildly so inquire (generally not bulk)


  • T. bridgesii 'Wowie' x T. bridgesii 'SS02'
  • T. bridgesii SS02 x T. bridgesii 'Wowie'
  • T. bridgesii 'Bertha' x T. bridgesii 'Helen'
  • T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. peruvianus 'Clyde'
  • T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. pachanoi 'Yowie'
  • T. bridgesii 'X' x T. macrogonus 'hyperspacepixie'
  • T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Juuls Giant
  • T. bridgesii x T. bridgesii "Psycho0"
  • T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Super Pedro
  • T. cordobensis x Super Pedro
  • T. pachanoi 'Dan' x T. pachanoi
  • T. scopulicola 'Hulk' x T. scopulicola
  • T. scopulicola x VRG (Echinopsis 'variegated red grandiflorus')
  • T. peruvianus monstrose x huarazensis (misplaced the seeds right now...
  • T. peruvianus monstrose x T. bridgesii cv. not sure need to check
  • VRG x T. scopulicola
  • PHX-PC x T. huarazensis
  • E. eyriesii x pachanoi 'papizinha'
  • T. pachanoi 'papizinha' x E. eyriesii
  • T. spachianus
  • T. lampochlorus MN79
  • Mixed Hybrid Trich seeds
  • Mixed Loph seeds (haha i did not mix these myself but they seemed to contain a whole bunch of Trich seeds too...)
  • LW
  • LW f. caespitosa
  • LW var. texensis
  • LW var. Hipolito
  • LW var. Big Bend
  • Lophophora alberto-vojtechii


Turbinicarpus swobodae

Turbinicarpus lophophoroides

Epithelantha micromeris

Delosperma bosseranum

Astrophytum asterias
Astrophytum myriostigma f. Quadro cv. Onzuka

Hylocereus sp. (costaricensis, undulata, megalanthus, dragon fruit)

Other Seeds:

Kratom seeds (probably mine lost viability at this point but I can hook u up)
Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue)

Euphorbia leuconora (Madagascar Jewel)

Ipomoea purpurea (Morning glory cv. Star of yelta / Milky Way; and a wild Spanish Ipomoea sp)

Papaver somniferum (var. Tasmanian or lilacs)

(Ultra) Hot peppers (madame jeanette, also a few other varieties in even smaller amounts: Scorpion, Golden Habanero)

Silene capensis (African Dream Root)

Acacia acuminata

Anadenanthera peregrin (Yopo)

Datura inoxia

Datura stramonium (sic ; ID?)

Datura wrightii

Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru / Four o'clock flower)

Tamarindus indica (Tamarind)

Also FT:  Plant growth regulators in pure form.

My specialty is actually mushrooms. In another thread I will show what I have as a catalog, possibly put cultures and spores also for sale if that is allowed.

What I am looking for:  Well first of all, pollen of Trichocereus and Lophophora of all kinds!
I am interested in seeds of cacti that I don't have yet, and various other seeds of succulents like caudiciform ones. Big fan of mutants and variegates.
Also interested in things that can be used for brewing / fermenting. Or things that can be used for plant tissue culture (micropropagation). Including guidance for micropropagation by someone experienced! And in spores of local fungi like alien looking stinkhorns actually (sorry about that lol). Powder insecticide like Spinosad if it exists.. anything against gnats.
Maybe also just items for friends in e.g. Tasmania if not for me. :)

Note that I live in the Netherlands. I will not sit here and say 'Europe or non-Australia only' but considering the potential customs problems I'm sorry but I can't take responsibility if that occurs. :blush: Of course you can request how it is to be sent and/or request images of the pack to help avoid it, but generally I make quite good packs.

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