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Ephedra as a treatment for COVID19

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and quick search for ephedra + antiviral  shows many research papers regarding effectiveness for other flu strains including H1N1..


my question is... given the current COVID-19 Pandemic, how do we go about getting the legality of this ancient plant overturned in Australia since it seems to be a treatment which doesn't lose its effectiveness like the current flu treating medicines and vaccines relied on.?

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That's great thanks, how do I get ephedra seeds?


I just bought some Cinchona powder for the Quinine

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I have thought about it as well. I dont want to be rude, but with such a nickname, the arguement is not really convincing.

Also, traditional chinese (and asian) medicine has not such a good name.. For example various  endangered animals are killed for their husks for the  'traditional medicine'  market .. 

Ephedra the genus has real medicinal properties (coughs, bronchitis-related conditions, and, I think pneumonias) but that didnt stop them from banning it, essentially using a stupid reasoning.  

My point being, there's no logic in the prohibitionist laws, and australia law is not one of the most open-minded ones. 

PS: It doesnt help that the recipees in the links have ephedra among a dozen other incredients. 

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Growing Epherda for the epherdrine to bake such "recipes" is such a long game and one of the poorest ways i've heard. Not sure if you have met any/many John Methhead Doe's but patience never seemed to be something they got down with.  3days is the long game not a multiyear extensive exercise that gives nothing for ages but takes lot of attention,care and investment.    

May as well ban toluene or bakers yeast.  Prohibition is as always a massive failure. 
At least we have another war on a noun governments seem to like those even though the war on drugs made drugs cheaper, pure and more readily available.  I'm sure the war on terror will make the world safer with less radical's angry at U.S overreach. If not at least we gave away our liberties for security that was little more then an illusion.

They used the same flawed reasoning to make it harder to buy a box of cold and flu meds then to get a doctor to prescribe Oxycotin or Morphine. Only thing it did was allow the Mexican cartels to flood the local market with junk cut with a substance never test on humans. Score one for safety and Harm minimization.  Sure besides the possible carcinogenic cut purity has increase and price has dropped. That was plan right :scratchhead:


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