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The Corroboree

Seems it has become more profitable to grow Tobacco than Cannabis

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Tax office not fckn around... That said planting out Acres requires planning and intent to do something with it. 


Need a pretty solid distribution network to make the moneys. 


Prefer a few Acres of fine weed :)

Would get in less strife.... For now at least. 


Edit- intriguing that no charges have been made on those two ops. Possibly building the case though. 

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Also hard to dry and process into fine enough amount to smoke. Flowers buds need to be removed daily or the tobacco goes sour.  Once in a dream i tried but could only smoke it in a pipe or bong. Always to thick to roll into rollie. Also as Waterboy 2.0 says don't fuck with government excise tobacco is nearly all tax these days. You can grow it at home legally as long as you inform the government so it can charge excise on it once its grown.


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Once upon a time it was $90aud for a kilo of chop chop. last time i tried to aquire some many years ago it was 300 a kg. Now my friend get 50g for 30-40 aud


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