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The Corroboree
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Some Lophs, trade curiosity :)

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Hey all, i have some grafted lophs i was thinking of selling as I have an excess... But thought before i do id maybe see what people had to trade... Keep the greasy money out of the situation to start with :P


Have some smaller grafts and up to about a closed fist size clusters... All grafted onto active trichs, pach and bridg. 


Open to offers of interest... I have a reasonable garden so im not after anything common really... But flick me a message if you're interested, i do alot if work with plants across the spectrum, and if you happen to be a musician I'm open to swaps for music gear also :)


Excuse the grainy quality, I had to reduce the picture quality to upload. 


Can send better quality pics through other means if your interested and specific size/value your keen on. 


Pm me for details/discussion. 


Cheers guys. 








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Hi there I have a fair few khat plants in my garden and wondered if they were any good to you for a swap??

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Nylon Micron filter bags are all I can offer :blush:

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