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Sydney Subs Still Standing

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Seems a little late, huh?


A patch I've been monitoring had begun fruiting in in late March and still has mature fruits currently. The particular form of these fruits are incredibly large with a pronounced conical pileus and thick stipes. During seasons peak, some of the fruits reached 9cm across the pileus, stood 12cm from the soil and had a stipe approximately 1.2cm thick.


The difference in morphology and extended fruiting season have caused me to consider this may be a distinct taxon.


Does anybody here work in mycology or have contacts who would be interested in examining this? I'm interested in finding somebody who is in the Sydney area and is a published researcher if possible as I don't want to risk posting material or break any laws.


Speaking of which, can anybody clarify the legal position of posting spores? Is it just generally considered an acceptable risk or is it in fact a legal exchange?



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While I think about it, any chance we can get a reminder of the photo file restrictions (pixel width/height and file size) in the attachment section of reply posts? I don't remember these things well and can't find them after searching the forum for "photo size upload" or similar. I'm too young to be this crap with software and yet here I am...

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Posting/posessing spores for research purposes is legal.

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Spores are fine if labled 'for microscopy only' and not in commercial quantities, this is in SA, maybe the same NSW.

Though printing the psilocybe sp may be a bit iffy in all states, possesion of mushrooms and all that.


Last time i enquired one is suppose to have a letter from a state herbarium to collect and transport subaeruginosa or suspected subaruginosa specimens for research or scientific purposes.

fuck that though, couple dried shrooms ina postpack isnt going to get you into much trouble spesh if they have supporting documents proving your intent is mushroom research and not excercising choice or free thought by eating them.


i sent some samples to Spain to be tested (the link above that Micromegas posted) the world didnt end and alls ok.

Its great for mushrooms to get your samples tested Freakosystem, so many subaeruginosa phenotypes.



from the above link


'Interestingly i found out during this that there has not been enough work done with P. subaeruginosa to reference these results against other P. subaeruginosa results.

Results from P. cyanescens which P. subaeruginosa are very closely related are used to asses subaeruginosa DNA results. 

This is how i understand it, though i may be wrong'



On 2 October 2019 at 9:43 PM, Freakosystem said:




Nice looking mushroom Freakosystem, do you have some patch pics.....

The substrate the mycellium is breaking down as well as the weather and location of the patch greatly influenses the size of flushes the size of individual mushrooms and potentcy.

have they been bio assayed for research purposes and if so whats the outcome.........

Fruiting from March to September is a good effort.


Alan Rockerfella's conclusion at the time on the odd samples i had tested were that their external morphology is an evolutionary 'try', the organism evolving and trying new things, if the changes are beneficial then that population of fungi with the changed external morphology may expand and may then become a dominat phenotype in that area.


The samples i had tested were also bio assayed, reports were that they were active.

i feel its important for whatever reasons to attempt to preserve these interesting subaeruginosa phenotypes and at the very least record them so we know they existed.


An general question to whoever may know - do cyancens, azurecens, ovoids and other cellulose loving psilocybe sp display these kind of mutations in habitat...... or is it just our lovely subaeruginosa.....



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