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Hey All !


The Australian Psychedelic Society-Melbourne is heading to the hills once again to talk all things mushroom!

Winter means mushroom foraging for a growing number of Victorians seeking culinary delights, mycological intrigue or psychedelic venture. But those seeking psychedelic venture have also been the target of authorities for a number of decades.

For Western Australians, a small southern regional town has been the battleground between shroomers, authorities and locals for a number of decades.

Fungimentary: The Magic Mushrooms of Balingup is an award winning Australian made documentary, first broadcast on SBS in 1995 looking into this strange stand-off.
We've had the film re-mastered and are bringing it to the big screen in Belgrave, in the historic Cinema 1, first built in the 1930's.

Following the film, we'll be taking a look at some of the themes that were raised and looking at what has and especially what hasn't changed since the documentary was made in the mid-90's.
Panelists to be announced.

For those looking for some hands-on experience, we'll be holding a workshop next door at the Inspiro Communiy Hub (the one with the mushrooms out the front, of course) on mushroom cultivation and identification.
Our experts will guide you through the cultivation process so you can start growing your own culinary mushrooms at home and teach you how to properly identify mushrooms in the wild, so you can find the mushrooms you're looking for and look after the environment that you're in too.

We'll be running two sessions of the workshop, one in the morning and one in the evening. Spaces are limited, so book quick!


Date and Time

Sat 20th Jul, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm


Cameo Cinemas
1628 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia


Tickets: here 


Facebook Event Page: here


Hope to see all you Melbourne Myco-minds there :) 


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Looking forward to meeting people and long fungi chats.

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Should be a good day.

I'm doing 2 general Mushroom ID workshop on the day(Morning and Evening) and answering any questions.

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I'd go if I was in Melbs for sure :D


Look, if you've ever been to a mushroom tek and feel like you haven't learned enough to be as productive as you like, go to another one!


Mycology's quite the thing to wrap your head around- even with years of plant growing and plant biotech experience it took me a coupla years work to get the gist of the different schedulings and life cycles, spawn implications etc.


Luckily the teks taught these days are way simpler than they were back in my day, and we know which strains are better suited to local conditions and substrates.


But it never hurts to do a basics workshop again if you're struggling ( ID workshops I always always learn new things, I try not to miss those ever )

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Oi! How'd it go? Looking forward to hearing more about the day :)

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