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Come join the Australian Psychedelic Society - Melbourne for an evening of expert talks on LSD, including a look at the past few years of Bicycle Day and psychedelic advocacy in Melbourne.


Bicycle Day celebrates the first day in which LSD was purposefully ingested - April 19th, 1943. On this day, the chemist, Albert Hofmann ingested what he thought to be a small dose, before riding his bicycle home. Since this day, LSD has forged an influential place in the history of Western culture.


ASH BLACKWELL will emcee for the evening.
Ash has been a grass-roots drug law reform campaigner for nearly a decade. He joined the Drug Law Reform Party in 2013 when it was founded and ran as a candidate for the seat of Wills in 2016. He was the founding Vice-President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia and has co-hosted the weekly radio show Enpsychedelia on 3CR community radio since 2015.
Ash has a passion for human rights and harm reduction and has been highly involved in several grass roots activities, including; the campaign for pill testing, the High Alert campaign against sniffer dogs, the Victoria Street Drug Solutions residents group campaign for the Supervised Injecting Room. He has also worked with the New Nicotine Alliance and Legalise Vaping Australia to provide a safer alternative for smokers.

DR PRASH works in the psychiatry department of a major metropolitan hospital. His primary intellectual and research interest is in the therapeutic use of psychedelics and their potential role in psychotherapy. He sits on the clinical advisory board of The Australian Psychedelic Society and some of you may know Prash from the research discussion group Psychonauts Onymous, which brought together individuals professionally or intellectually connected to the psychedelic paradigm. When not pontificating on the topic at talks and conferences, he is actively seeking your money, or that of your philanthropist grandparents, to help get psychedelic research off the ground in Australia.

JENNY VALENTISH is the author of the Walkley-nominated research-memoir hybrid, Woman of Substances, which investigates the female experience of drugs and alcohol. It will be published in the UK and US in 2018.
Jenny is a consultant for Australia’s National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, an ambassador for Monash University’s Brain & Mental Health Laboratory, and a board member of SMART Recovery Australia. She regularly updates her Facebook page with related stories.

GREG KASARIK is a psychedelic activist and mystic. Described by The Age newspaper as, "a drug user who is probably too honest for his own good", Greg Kasarik is a drug law reform advocate, who is open and honest about his use of Enthogens for spiritual and religious purposes. Since 2010, he has been campaigning for the Victorian Government to provide regulated access to "Transcendent Compounds" for these purposes and as part of this campaign, he has completed a 28 day Hunger Strike and publicly taken LSD four times on the steps of the Victorian parliament house, after having announced his intentions to all members of the Victorian Parliament.
On the fifth occasion, on Bicycle Day, 2016, Greg was arrested and charged with LSD possession. In January of 2017, after being unsuccessful in having the matter referred to the Victorian Supreme Court under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (2006), Greg pleaded guilty and the charges were dismissed. He immediately announced to the court that he was once more in possession of LSD and was escorted from the court and immediately re-arrested on charges of LSD possession.
At his latest court appearance in early May, Greg successfully argued the legal aspects of the case for referral to the Supreme Court, but was unsuccessful in obtaining referral, because the matter was not considered important enough for a referral. Since then, Greg has continued to lobby the Government and politicians for implementation of sensible drug policy.
Greg is also the founder of the post-dogmatic” spiritual movement, “Community of Infinite Colour”, which is based on the realisation that with greater understanding, comes less certainty about what can be “known”. He openly admits that he “doesn’t have a clue what is going on” and encourages others to engage with their own spiritual journey, that engages with both their lived experience and the realities of the universe that they happen to inhabit.

Cameron has an interest in the science and art of health, human optimization, and peak experiences. He currently works as a practicing counsellor in the field of dual diagnosis assessment and treatment. His research background includes the philosophy of transpersonal experiences and associated paradigms. Cameron is also passionate about issues relating to human rights and cognitive liberty.

11A Hope Street, Brunswick

6pm-9pm, Thursday 18th April

$20 - Eventbrite


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