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The Corroboree
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End of Summer Clearout

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I will be adding more things to this thread as I can manage it. 

Gonna start it off with some seedling packs.
$90 plus postage. N/A WA/TAS


Each pack will contain at least:
 1 x Macrogonus x Br. Anna
 1 x Psycho0 x TPM
 1 x Oscar x Psycho0

 1 x Macrogonus x Scop
 1 x Tom Juuls Giant x Psycho0
 1 x Psycho0 x Sharxx
 3 x Helen x Psycho0

 1 x (SS02 x SS01) X Peru Clyde

 1 x Pach x B. Helen
 1 x Oscar x Huarazensis
 2 x Br. Helen x (SS02 x SS01)


Seedlings average 10cm in height, are about 3 years old and fully hardened off. Growing in full sun. Seedlings will come individually packaged and labelled.
(Whilst Oscar hybrids have high mutant %, these are currently not showing any monstrose growth, same for the Psycho x TPM)





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