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Yowie, Yowie, Yowie!

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It's mu! again, this time with lots of Yowie cuttings, both mid and tip cuttings (there's an especially large doubly-tipped cutting up for auction).

Check out the links on eBay:
Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 30cm midcut, two pups

Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 92cm double tip cutting <-- auction

Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro - 90cm tip cutting

Trichocereus (peruvianoid) "Yowie" San Pedro cactus - 58cm midcut, three pups

Trichocereus (peruvianoid) Yowie - 84cm midcut, three pups


And here are just a handful of images from the item listings:








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