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The Corroboree
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Trich Eileen (90% sure on genetics) tips for sale.

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I dont have a measuring tape handy, but those are A4 sheets of paper on the left of the desk for an approximate reference guide.


All cuts are very healthy, harvested 2 weeks ago. many more where these came from.


Happy to sell at 95c per cm.

Buyer pays shipping expense, including any packing tubes/bubble wrap, depending on how you want it packaged.

Alternatively, pickup in Coburg or the immediate vicinity, I dont really want to travel far unless I'm selling several cuts in one hit.


if interested, please comment to indicate your preferences, as numerical indicators, 1 being far left (large), 6 being far right (small).


I will then PM interested buyers with more accurate measures or pics, on request, and discuss the shipping preferences.


Also, plenty more where these came from. All these pups are from two original cuts, purchased on this forum over 10 years ago.

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