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The Corroboree

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Bit of a newbie, found a bargain on eBay (picture related) and had to buy. 


I need to ask you wise cacti caregivers a question: 

How do I care for a variegated plant, especially a 99% variegation like this one? 





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That was a bargain, well done. 


I have a couple of variagates and they're just like all of my other trichocereus. They live outside planted in the ground with no protection from the elements at all. 


However.  They are more delicate to sun than the other plants.  Trichocereus really need to be acclimatised to new growing conditions slowly.  I like to ask the growers how they've been growing the plant? Ie watered regular or relying on rain or even less than rain fall. Full sun or part shade maybe even full sun but under shade cloth or similar. Matching these things help at the start. Then you can adjust slowly to how you'd like to grow.  

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