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P.Viridis in trouble & Caapi ?stretching

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Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice...


Most of my Viridis and Caapi's are happy and healthy.. but the tips of the leaves of one of my newest PV - DX10 are browning off (see pic).

I only potted him 2 weeks ago, and I did add a bit of seaweed/fert - have i burnt it? I used the same pH 6 soil mix for three others and they are doing ok.

Maybe the soil is too soaked? Its quite wet when i put a finger in the the drainage holes. Should I repot? 

I don't think it looks like bact/fungal infection - no need to chop the brown bits off?



Also one of my tucanaca Cappi went gangbusters and grew from 20 cm to 1m in a week or so - I'm wondering if she is 'stretching for light' - the distance between nodes is almost 30cm.

I've removed some of the shade cloth from the greenhouse roof - but all of the other Caapi's (including another tucanaca) with identical light/heat/humidity/soil conditions are still about 20 - 30cm...why has this one decided to walk towards the light?






b_cap 1.jpg

p_vid 1.jpg





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caapi is a vine and should be stretching :)  edit to note over the last decade with my tuc plants i notice they ar enot awesome at growing outwards, but if something to climb go nuts.  they never did the sideways fence things super well, but they can cover a tree in a year no problem.

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Thanks for the reply kk!

mm sounds like I'm going to run out of vertical room in the greenhouse real fast. 

I've got some horizontal lattice work across the ceiling for it to climb along - I might have a go at training it back and forth along it, but I hear they don't train so well.


Or I can punch a little hole in the greenhouse roof and lead the vine to the neighbouring tree...

..How would the exposed section fair through a melbourne winter?


In your experience which would you recommend?


Also If the main shoot runs into trouble, or gets damaged - where does the plant start a new main vine from - a node somewhere high on the exisiting main vine, or back down near the base?


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they branch a lot, from nodes.  though i notice once vines are larger and the base gets woody they prefer to branch from higher points that are green and more liekly to be in a bright spot (canopy).  They will branch form the base and even the roots if need be, i wouldnt worry too much about them.  i would focuse on keeping the base/roots safe as the upper parts are quite capable of holding their own.


i would presonally not poke a hole in the greenhouse but train it through the base of the greenhouse and let it grow up.  Im not so familiar with OZ weatehr, but if it doesnt freeze i cant see any problems.  they grow it in Florida which gets cold snaps i hear, so maybe similar?


i have had shit luck training it to.  it grows up very well, not sideways  so what i did at a previous farm was grow it up bamboo poles and once they reached the top unwind them and lay them where i want and reset the poles.  eventualyl i turned one plant into a ground cover about the size of a typical 20x50' greenhouse and it smothered the weeds really nice and made a wonderful mulch!  but it took over a year to do....  at another farm planted a single plant, of your variety, at teh base of a ango tree (about 20 meter tall) and it has reached the top in one year, covered much of it in 2 years or so.  as far as i know that plant is having a 3 ways fight for survivale between the mango, caapi and hbwr.  my money is on the hbwr, but caapi is quite good at tolerating being smotherd and darker then stretching through shit into a brighter position.  such is life of a lliana.

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