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Gymnocalycium hybridization

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Hey everyone,

I'm pretty sure this is my first post here.. Been lurking here and there for about a year give or take .. Have really got into cacti growing as of late which has been the cause of me seeming to spend more time here than in the past.. Site looks very interesting and well put together.

To the point: I have a gymnocalycium friedrichii mahonovichii that I purchased a few weeks ago and is now apparently starting to grow a flower bud. I'm trying to find some pollen for when it hopefully flowers ( starting to get pretty cold here now) and I'm curious about the possibility of breeding with another genus. Has anyone tried this with or without success?

I apologize if this has already been covered here.. I know there has been some related threads but I didn't see anything about gymnocalycium specificly .. Still getting used to navigating through here..

Hope everyone is doing good!

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There are quite a few hybrids involving Gymnocalycium and IIRC I posted some photos some years ago. Definitely an interesting subject and there´s huge potential in that genus. It takes a few worldclass breeders that just spend a decade improving on the quality of the flowers. I am sure we´ll see a lot more of them in the future. I personally gave away all my Gymnocalycium because I had to focus on the genera that interest me more, but they are fantastic and I still appreciate seeing them.


Here´s an example from the internet.  752.jpg

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Hey ,


Yeah they are a very nice genus for sure . I have a saglione which looks beautiful; can't wait to see it flower . This sort of took me off guard given that I'm in a cooler climate (6a) and also I had only got the plant a few weeks ago. Bought a handful of different places ... was a 50 percent off sale .. really wish i had known that weeks before hand haha .


I have only just started growing cacti (and anything) again at th beginning of this summer. Had a rough t few years and wasn't wasn't le to grow anything... things are calming down now but I need to get out of where I'm living as its toxic .. This is the most I've ever got into gardening though and I'm really starting to appreciate it more and more ... keeping my head together a bit ..


Anyways thanks for the reply .. gunna try to find SOMEthing to pollinate it with.

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