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worm farming workx!


unless you are super rich, try to always use existing

materials. in this case flower pots, stacked on top of each other.

after a few months, one can use the contents of the bottom container...

without having to pick worms, all the worms moved to the rich picking above!


I feed cow manure, as I can collect it.


note the eggs in the 1st pic.


I used fresh casting of the worm farm on waterchest nuts for example elocharis dulcis, and the water stayed pristine., from day one onwards.

I have fed old blue jeans to the worms and they ate it within 14 days!




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you know, worms make as well, very good bait,

like this you got, feed for fishes and,

you might have, transferred the (our!:() waste,

into a very stable media.


don't put save kitchen scraps into the bin, it illegal.

compost it instead! :wub:

worm castings can keep moisture for a long time, but if this media dries out, it's equally hard to re wet, hahaha.

birds like to hunt, my manure worms, my place is popular with birds.

producing at lot of compost as well attracts a lot of benefical insects and other plant & soil helpers.:worship:

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My greedy sausage dog keeps knocking my worm farm pots over.  He has no shame.

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