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Cactus collection for sale

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I have heaps of cactus plants to sell.

I simply can't cart them around with me any longer so I'm selling them off.

Since my family break-up I've tried to move them with me from rental to rental but it's just too hard.


There are many varieties and sizes to choose from, including some collectible species and many named clones - including:


Urban Tribes 1 Bridge

Ubran Tribes 2 Bridge



"Incredible Hulk" Scop

"Bendigo Bridge"




Super Pedro

Juuls/J3/Pach etc crosses

Roesii 1 and 2

Norma (Rosei)


..and a lot of unnamed Bridgesii, PC, Cuzco, Peruvianus etc



There are many potted and many bare-rooted plants available.

There are also a lot of smaller crosses and "scrap" cuttings available.

Some plants are marked/scarred, but they will heal themselves with love and time.


Prices are from 50 cents per cm for common varieties and $1 per cm for others... or make an offer on the spot.
I'm selling them from Menzies Creek (Dandenong Ranges Vic) this coming weekend (Sat 21st and Sun 22nd) - feel free to come along. PM me for details.


I've advertised elsewhere, but if anyone from this group is interested in a particular plant I will hold for you as a priority.

I can also provide better/specific photos on request.


Hooroo for now






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Man, sorry to hear of your circumstances and having to part with your collection.

Anyhow i hope you find some loving custodians for them all and find some comfort in the thought that the plants will likely be cared for and live on well.

All in all i am hoping you well for now and into the future.

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Interested in some cuts, namely Norma, Bruce and Eilleen.. possibly some other stuff if still available.

Can come pick up.

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Are there any of the named clones left?

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