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Cacti graft just barely took.... my fix

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Okay, I know that this graft while there is an actual union herebeginning6.thumb.jpg.e6127c552d492bc9550fb5e178e63bb0.jpg, it is a slim one at best. However, I thought what a perfect graft to show one method I deal with such imperfections.


Admittedly, I find that small crested grafts tend to suffer this phenomenon more than any other type of graft, all grafts are susceptible to it as no one is perfect 100% of the time 100% of the time.


Now that we are done with the excuses and the crying, here is my simple fix.finishfix.thumb.jpg.3c2f4106c09a45028418372059b5434e.jpg


Some notes on the above graft, there is an actual union so it is getting some energy from the stock/Pereskiopsis. Two, it is clearly a bad union and is already shooting a root down. Three, while it may be possible to remove from the stock and root on its own, it will root faster if allowed to stay grafted so it can get energy both from its own roots and the stock it is on. 


You really have to watch crested grafts as they have a tendency to bow in the middle as they dry out. If any of you are making small crested grafts... keep that in mind.





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