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The Corroboree

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I have the following to trade:

  1. Schotia brachypetala (seeds and seedlings collected from several trees: one grower called them "great dirty things")
  2. Flindersia australis (seedlings)
  3. Cereus peruvianus (seeds)


In March 2018, I collected seeds from Cereus peruvianus fruits that had ripened and split. The fruit flesh is white, slightly sweet and crystalline. I have sowed a test batch with >80% germination.


Please see below for seeds I'm interested in exchange:

  • Chilis (let me know which cultivar/ species)
  • Butia capitata from a tree that produces good-tasting fruit
  • Cereus jamacaru
  • Cereus validus
  • Pilosocereus (let me know which species)
  • Myrtillocactus geometrizans
  • Trichocereus (let me know which cultivar/ species)


PM me if interested in swapping (even if you have stuff that is not on my wanted list). Australian residents only. Thanks for your understanding.


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